Billionaire Darwin Deason’s 205-foot Mega-Yacht Apogee
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Billionaire Darwin Deason’s 205-foot Mega-Yacht Apogee

Billionaire Darwin Deason’s 205-foot Mega-Yacht Apogee

With a $50 borrowed from his dad and a 1949 Pontiac, Darwin Deason, a formerly landlocked Arkansas boy left his hometown the day after he graduated from high school, and headed for the bright lights and big city Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he started his successful career into data processing. Then a farm boy, Darwin is now a self-made billionaire with Xerox as his source of wealth. This billionaire, who likes to spend absolutely foolish money on the things he loves, which primarily includes boats, is now in news for his exceptionally long, 205-foot mega yacht dubbed Apogee, which means pinnacle in Greek.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht

As reported to Forbes, Darwin Deason revealed that all his life the boat is the only place where he has truly been able to relax. He bought his first boat, a 14-foot AristoCraft in his twenties, and explains that the more successful he became, the bigger his boats gets. He then upgraded to an 85-foot coastal cruiser, and then bought a 118-footer, and in year 2002, he and his wife Katerina began looking for a 160-foot boat, and eventually found the Apogee, at Codecasa in Viareggio, Italy.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht top deck

After selling his business process outsourcing firm Affiliated Computer Services to Xerox in 2010, Darwin with a $1.1 billion net worth, spends 3-6 months a year on his 205-foot mega-yacht Apogee. He now lives with his fifth, Katerina, 27 years younger, at his mega-yacht which has especially been designed for large-scale events, as he says, “I love entertaining. I love to be around my friends who party.” Darwin has dedicatedly outfitted the downstairs lounge for entertaining; in addition to a Wurlitzer juke box, the room has a game table, a Karaoke machine, a dance pole and a detachable disco balls along with a Onyx bar.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht lounge

Deason personally redesigned much of yacht Apogee, and furnished its beautiful lounge after the famous Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, the spot where this man first dreamed of owning a mega-yacht, some 30 odd years ago. Also, an exercise fanatic, Deason works out daily and uses the boat’s prime fifth-floor deck space for a gym with panoramic ocean views.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht gym

In Apogge, he has also installed two dedicated bars, a giant white chaise longues with built-in Bose speakers and a 12-person Jacuzzi.

Darwin with his wife

Apogee combines the privacy of a sprawling home as it has 12,000 sq. ft of living space and is featured with all the luxe amenities that one will find in the world’s most expensive hotels.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht

With a professional crew of 17 plus security guards to cater to his every whim. Darwin also enjoys decamping to a beach with a white Arabian Night tent, for a romantic dinner with his wife Kat.

Decamping to a beach

Deason reportedly pays a staggering amount of $7 million to operate the boat each year. However, the businessman in him looks for ways to offset the cost, so he also charters it for approximately $400,000 a week, for about five times a year. Further, Deason is already looking forward for his next upgrade, which he expects will be 260 or 280 foot with nice staterooms, bigger bar, gym and a salon.

Apogee 205-foot Mega-Yacht

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