Billy Dee Williams | $ 7.5 Million
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Billy Dee Williams Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 7.5 Million
Billy Dee Williams
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Born on: 6th Apr 37 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Born William December "Billy Dee" Williams, Jr has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million. Williams, known for playing the character Lando Calrissian in  the TV series Star Wars: Rebels  is an American actor, artist, singer, and writer. He has earned his net worth from his honorable  appearances in a variety of extremely popular movies as well as from television series. He started acting  on Broadway in 1945 in The Firebrand of Flo ence.  After 15 years he went back in Broadway  as an adult with appearances including  The Cool Word  in 1960,  A Taste of Honey in 1961,  I Have a Dream  in 1976 and in  Fences in 1988. He had his film debut in the  1959 Academy Award nominated The Last  Angry Man. His 1972 Holiday biopic Lady Sings the Blues film was  was a box office blockbuster and  has earned five Academy Award nominations. Along with his success in films, he was also famous for his  appearance in advertisements for malt liquor, Colt 45 though  he received much criticism. His television works included a recurring guest-starring role and a  a brief cameo in several  television series.
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