Black Astrum business cards studded with diamonds are forever

Andrea Divirgilio / January 13, 2012

From the year 2010, UK based designer house Black Astrum, has been making premium quality business cards for the elite few from the world, strictly by invitation only. From a time when business cards were just neatly cut strips of paper or plastic with contact details, Black Astrum has been one of those enterprises who has made this instrument something more than what it can actually do; its now a high-end fashion accessory. With diamond detailing and cutting edge designs, Black Astrum business are perhaps the shortest and best way to make a lasting impression of one’s identity.

Black Astrum business card

From an age business executives and corporate heads were bothered about wearing the perfect suit, carrying the perfect writing instrument, now has come an age where things business cards are also in their purview for making the perfect first impressions. Black Astrum thus caters to this elite group of consumers, who wouldn’t mind their business cards to look like a fashion accessories, with diamond studded borders, et all. Made mostly out of exotic fibers such as Carbon fiber and other precious metals, the cards are then studded with diamonds individually, taking into account the general design and ulterior look. Those looking for the bling factor, could hope for diamonds equivalent to 30 carats in weight, on their packs of 25 cards.

Customers have the option of selecting designs and fabrics of their own desires, and creating the design and pattern for the overall look after which, packs of the particular order are prepared. Since the variations are multiple, there isn’t a fixed price tag on these special cards. To keep things totally exclusive, each customer is invited individually to select and get their special cards from Black Astrum. Hopefully at the end of it all, they have something that could indeed make ‘blinging’ and lasting first impression. Bet the hip-hop stars are already tossing and turning for these!

Also, do take a look at Carbon Fiber Design cards and the Dubai Royale MasterCard, which were created on similar concept. But on a honest test, Black Astrum seems to be a step ahead in exclusivity.

Black Astrum business card

Via: Black Astrum

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