Blue Forest designs “Eco-Perch” modular treehouses for nature lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / March 2, 2012

For nature lovers that are addicted to living amongst natures most generous endowments, there is little that compares to having a small abode amongst the trees. So much is actually, the demand, that there are hotels like the Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Germany, that offer luxurious lodging and amenities, set in trees. As a residential option, it’s Blue Forest with their ‘Eco-Perch’ series of tree houses, which will nothing short of the most luxurious options you can fathom having in such a setup. Featuring veneered surfacing with amenities like full bathroom and modern kitchen, these designs look to blend in the exterior settings and interior geometry.

Blue Forest Eco-Perch treehouse

If there is one thing that’s going to a bit overbearing about these tree houses, is the use of wood. But hopefully, they have been rather aesthetically, to match every luxurious standard of opulent apartments. With a capacity to fit in 4 people, this tree house has amenities like a compact full-equipment bathroom and modern kitchen, apart from double glazed walls and windows, for better energy efficiency. Other amenities include its log burning stove, wall-mounted flat-screen TV set and DVD player, low-voltage LED Lighting, LPG operated water heater, and mostly hygienically and creatively thought of, a grey water drainage system. Since natural sustenance is the overbearing theme, there are options for installing a photovoltaic solar cell, composting washroom, rain water harvesting system, or even a methanol fuel cell to cater to power needs.

Blue Forest Eco-Perch treehouse interiors

Going deeper into the construction fabrication, one would see the groove timber cladding, FSC external tongue, and cedar roof shingles, which would give this structure a 15-year life span, but some say it’s might be longer than that. The surprising factor in all of this, is that it takes around 5 days to install the house with its amenities.

Blue Forest Eco-Perch treehouse

Just in case, one has a Shakespearean bent of romance in their minds, there is a possibility of reconstructing your tree house, based on the love story of Romeo and Juliet as displayed above. This construction would include 2 separate towers, where adults and children’s spaces are separated by a canopy walkway, or rope bridges. This style used to be a signature of architecture during those times. The children’s space would include a secret trapdoor even, which would lead to a games room. The other tower adults’ tower would have a complete accommodation setup such as the earlier version. However, if you are looking to budget for one of these, then $78,000- $94,600 should be sufficed, apart from any other extra customizations.

Via: Gizmag/ Blue Forest

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