Blue Tiger matches simulator motion with the in-game vehicle action

Andrea Divirgilio / March 17, 2009

blue tiger simulator

The basic purpose of a good simulator is to create an environment that makes the user feel that he or she is actually driving a vehicle, and the BlueTiger Motion Simulator does that perfectly. Offering a perfect blend of performance, styling and durability, the BlueTiger Motion Simulator uses a combination of fast and slow frequency movements relative to action in the game. The same convinces the riders that they are experiencing both the dynamic forces of acceleration, braking and centrifugal force and physical positions like driving up and down a hill. The simulator can support weight of up to 350 pounds and it fits LCD screen of up to 32 inches. The monitor mounting frame and bracket assembly is adjustable to fit the spacing for the usual flat panel mounting. The power supply, control electronics and motors are tucked away in the base of the simulator. The moving part is the sled and is attached to the top of the base.

Two styles of lightweight fiberglass bodywork are currently available for BlueTiger Motion Simulators, and both of them have characteristics of race cars and airplanes. More images and video after the jump…

blue tiger main
bluetiger facet
blue tiger 3

Via: BlueTiger/GT40

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