BMW 7 Series

$ 263 Thousand
Top Speed
155 (mph)

The BMW 7 series produced by the German automaker BMW, which was introduced in 1997, is a full size luxury vehicle. The predecessor of this 4 door sedan was BMW New Six. The 7 series is BMW’s flagship car and is available as a sedan or an extended length limo. The BMW has 5 generations: E23 (1977-1986), E32 (1986-1994), E38 (1994-2001), E65/66 (2001-2008), f01/02 (2008-present). The BMW 7 series is available in 4 variants – 730 Ld, 740 Li, 750 Li, and 760 Li. The prices currently are as follows: 730 Ld at around 166800$, 740 Li at around 172800$, 750 LI at 197200$ and 760 Li at 263000$.


The 7 series is available in 4 variants – 1 diesel and 3 petrol. The 2979cc sedan uses V8 engine, the 4395cc sedan runs on V8 engine, the 5972cc sedan uses V12 petrol engine and the 2993cc runs on V6 diesel engine. The 2979cc sedan generates maximum power of 326bhp with torque of 450nm. The 4395cc engine generates power of 407bhp with torque of 600nm. The 5972cc engine generates power of 533bhp with torque of 750nm, while the diesel engine generates power of 244bhp with torque of 540nm. The top speed is 250kmph. Overall it is worthy luxury car.


The 7 Series introduced newer technologies. The E38 generation was the first European car manufacturer to offer an integrated satellite navigation screen. The E65/66 generation introduced iDrive system consisting of a video screen in the dashboard and a controller on the centre that would control the car’s climate, audio, navigation, suspension, communication by its system of 8 menus. The sedans ‘active’ seat continuous passive motion was made standard feature. The 5th generation upgraded the iDrive system to full fledged web browsing. The restyled series has now more simplified iDrive. There is now more space for each occupant. The leather Dakota upholstering can woo any buyer. The seats are wide enough and there is ample space .The minimal turning circle part is integral to active steering system. Buttons are more, so are the gadgets. The air conditioning is separated from the iDrive system and the night time vision system to see oncoming objects makes the luxury more worthwhile.


The exterior of the car is sleek and has classic features. Basically it is available in stretched L version. The E38 Generation used for the first Xenon headlights. In 2006, the series face lifted with more stylized front and a rear. It refreshed itself twice and sported a new taillight, and a reduced height for the trunk lid. In 2007, there were minor updates in the series exteriors. New wheel designs were made and there were power folding mirrors. It refreshed itself to laminated windows, carbon fibre reinforced armour plating, emergency front windscreen exit. The 5th generation cars were exclusively available in bulletproof versions. In 2010, all wheel drive ( BMW XDrive) was introduced. Available in alpine white, deep sea blue, cashmere silver, dark graphite and lots more.