BMW ActiveHybrid 3

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The development of this BMW is based on a clear idea: to create the greatest possible driving pleasure with the highest possible efficiency. The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is the car which has been designed to win over people who care about performance. This high performance machine for which car designers have made improvements in the fuel economy to 3mpg as compared to its last model, can either run on electric power or on gasoline alone. Unlike other hybrid models available in the market, this $54,595 car is not just focused on the fuel efficiency, rather it has been manufactured for delivering strong acceleration and good mileage also. Exploiting the potential of the hybrid technology, the system is made to ensure that the drivers get smoother experience.


The 6-cylinders basically in-line machine or engine has powerful capacity to run the car smoothly, with the generation of 40KW or 55 horse power. The combustion engine can totally switch off when car get the speed of 100 mph.


The car is made beautiful from inside too. The car matches with other three series models. Navigation system provides route, speed limit data, topographical to maximize the experience of the driver. Other interior highlights include, cruise control, floor mats carpet, front air bag, garage door opener, three-zone, cargo light, floor consoles, cup holders, heated washer, dusk sensor, reading lights rear and front, interval indicator, tire pressure indicator and others.

The car’s internal dimension is headroom 40.3 inches, hip room 57.1 inches front, hip room 57.4 inches, rear, front and rear leg rooms are 42.0 inches and 35.1 inches respectively. Front and rear shoulder rooms are 55.1 inches and 55.1 inches each. The car is also safe with some of the high-tech features including six air bags, brake assist, start-off assistant, fade compensation brake, stability and traction control, side and top view camera, detection blind spot, rear-view camera.


The astonishing design of the car is made to attract people, while its powerful and modern appearance is it tradition.Notable features like BMW grille, headlights, rear set greenhouse, box design three, front overhangs, curved roof and sporting nature of the car is the highlight of exterior, which differentiate it from others. While the tail model logos, 18 inch wheel rim, beautiful blue paint enhance the innovative standard. Other exterior highlights includes black paint, tinted glass, running lights day time, rear and front bumpers color, mirrors for passenger and driver, front fog light, shifter alloy and leather, beam lenses with Bi-Xenon, sunroof automatic, windshield wipers, to name a few.

The car comes with dimensions of 182.5 inches length, 71.3 inches, width, and 56.3 inches height, and has total weight of 3860 lbs.