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BMW M Coupe

BMW M Coupe

Based on the BMW M Roadster, the BMW M Coupe was developed under the leadership of BMW engineer Burkhard Göschel who proposed that M Roadster and the Z4 be used as a basis for the new model. The first generation of the vehicle hit production lines in 1999 and recycled the M Roadster’s interior parts, doors and body panels. Produced between 1999 and 2002, the Z3 M Coupe featured the Z3’s styling, the E36 frame and the M Roadster's handling capabilities. The variant was 2.5 times stiffer than the convertible, the controversial M Coupe is still considered to be one of BMW engineering’s rare gems. The high-performance Shooting-brake styled automobile has been produced over two generations, the first being based on the Z3 E36/8 Coupe and the second generation being based on the Z4 E86 Coupe. The latest M Coupé comes nestled within BMW’s 1 Series.


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The M coupe’s two-tone leather interiors are something of a trademark in themselves and boast of lavish M-badging across the cabin. With sporty contrasting stitching, the stylish black leather upholstery covers the M Sport seats. The M footrest, the M entry sills and the M gear knob team up with the instrument panel’s typical M styling. The passengers can get a relaxing atmosphere within the cabin with the manual climate controls that house three additional gauges below it and complement the chunky three-spoke M steering wheel. Designed for sport, stylish shapes are housed throughout the cabin. The front headrests are highlighted with discreet M embossing while contrasting orange stitching adorns the elegant black Boston leather upholstery.


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Both generations of the 2-door small family coupe are offered with the full range of BMW exterior color options including sizzling finishes like Sepia Violet, Sterling Pearl Gray, Laguna Blue, Apricot, Palmetto Green, Mora Red, Santorin, Metallic Arctic Silver, Alpine White and Boston Green. Under its hatch, the M Coupe offers 10.7 cubic feet of cargo space neatly concealed under the fastback roof line. Borrowing liberally from the Z3’s exterior, the M Coupe boasted of exterior features like rear fenders aggressively flared for maximum visual impact, chromed side grills and a sculpted air dam. The BMW 1 Series M Coupé boasts of visually appealing features like twin tailpipes- one on each side, a vivid spoiler lip, typical M side air vents, M wing mirrors, and flared wing extensions that powerfully accentuate the contoured side sections.

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