BMW M6 | $ 110,000
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BMW M6 is a third generation, four door M6 model, which is a high-performance version of the 6 series. The models can be classified as convertible and coupe type. The car’s elegant and dynamic design sets it apart from the rest. It has a price tag of $113995 and the coupe model was unveiled in Geneva Motor show, while the convertible version was unveiled in the New York motor show.


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Superb interiors have been a trademark with BMW and M6 is no different. The plush merino extended leather upholstery with some fabulous surround sound system makes you feel comfortable and entertained right from the word go. To make your driving experience more remarkable, the steering wheel is equipped with two M Drive buttons. M Drive can store your previous set-ups. M Drive configuration can include information shown on optional M Head-Up Display and project important information onto the windshield directly. The M-specific version also shows important information like the gear currently engaged.


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BMW M6 looks striking in its new sleek and sporty look. The front of the M6 displays a wider and larger air dam and lower bumpers. The M kidney grille features a modern look. To keep a touch of the first generation M6, the M6 badge has been kept intact. An increase in the track width of 1.2 inches offers an optimized road grip. The new Adaptive LED headlights change the level of illumination appropriately, for city driving, country driving or the driving needs on the highway. The stylish exterior is a load bearing structure, while being lighter as compared to its predecessors. The color option varies from eight metallic colors to one non-metallic color.

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