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BMW M1 is a luxury sports car, manufactured by the notable German auto manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. However, the production of this car has stopped presently. It was produced from 1978 till 1981. BMW M1 is a supercar featuring a two-door coupe body style. It was designed by Italian auto designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. Presently, M1homage concept was launched in the market to pay tribute to the original M1 vehicle, that ruled during the late70s and early 80s era.


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BMW M1 has a spacious interior. It features height adjustable seats. More importantly, the driving steering wheel can be adjusted according to the driver's comfort. The car features fully centralized climate controllable air conditioning system. Front seats get into parachute balloon mode in case of accidents , which is one of the most amazing safety features of this sports vehicle. Fully automatic door locks as well as seat belts are available.

BMW M1 features soft cushion based adjustable seats for higher comfort. It even features adjustable head rest. This luxurious SUV does have digital audio player for superior sound and music listening experience. There is bottle holder available within door interiors. Soft head lights are available both at the front and rear side.


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BMW M1 has a robust front end with trapezoid grille and enclosed headlights. However, there are more designs to offer when one looks at its rear end. It has a rear end that is much wider in appearance. The wheel arches are much broader that helps in accommodating larger track. In short, the entire exterior appearance of BMW M1 can be referred as ductile. BMW M1 features five spoke 18" wheels. Side silts have an amazing sculpted appearance that makes the car truly stylish in design. BMW M1 has an exterior length measurement of 4358 mm, width of 1823 mm, and height of 1138 mm.

The front side has a muscular appearance due to the presence of trapezoid grille that is flanked by 2 intakes. This allows for air to cool the 6-piston brakes. Larger front grille also helps in letting the air pass through high performance Intercooler. Then, it is the traditional M look that can be observed beneath the headlights. The presence of enclosed headlights provides a more sporty look to the vehicle.

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