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The motorsport division of BMW, M3, is responsible for the creation of the BMW M3 genre of high-performance cars. These have been built with improved handling and engines which are more powerful and responsive compared to the previous BMW models. CSL stands for 'Coupé Sport Leichtbau' which refers to a lightweight version of the M3. Weighing about 100 kgs lesser than the standard M3, the CSL was a limited-edition production and only 1400 vehicles were released in 2004. It was available only in two colors - metallic grey and metallic black. The second model-run release was in 2010. The car benefited greatly from BMW applications for F1 racing which are strong yet lightweight. The price of the car hovers around the $140,000 mark.


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In the quest to lose fat and weight, much of the M3's interiors have been jettisoned in the CSL. The electric seats have been replaced with comfortable and functional seats which have to be manually adjusted. The sound insulation system proved to be too heavy on the car and was done away with. Same was the case with the navigation system, the stereo system and climate control system. Though not available in the standard product, the air conditioners and the stereo system can be retro-fitted if ordered during the purchase. These are extras nevertheless. The steering wheel has been wrapped in soft suede. The rear window has been replaced with thinner glass to keep the car light. They look and feel very nice and elegant. The luxuries of automation have been done away with for improved functionality of the car. However, the car arrives with cruise control and phone controls.


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When the engineers began to construct the CSL, it was with the intention of losing fat. The standard coupe design arrives with a carbon-fiber roof in place of the usual steel one. Many other parts have been composed of carbon fiber. These include the front flaps, the inner door panels, the central console and the rear spoiler. The structural points of the car have been constructed from glass-reinforced plastics. The styling has been done such that the weight of the car is strategically distributed to ensure speed. Michelin Primacy tires carry the car around giving the car amazing grip and stability. There is nothing extra-ordinary about its looks. There are two small grilles in the front and star-shaped spokes on the wheels. Other than these, the CSL looks like any other coupe car.

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