BMW M teams up with K2 to launch Design Edition skis

Andrea Divirgilio / January 4, 2012

Now that the winter is raging in most parts of the world, some of the elite few have perhaps started taking their winter vacations in the mountains. One of the popular activities in those areas is skiing, which like all other, needs sophisticated equipment. Those who have the spare cash lying around to buy the limited editions of the equipment on offer could perhaps try the BMW M K2 series of skies, which carry much of the engineering finesse of the BMW M series of vehicles. Based on performance and an optimum riding experience, these skis will have a rather limited edition run of 500 pieces, available to those who are lucky to get them in time.

BMW M Design K2 skis

Like the new M series of BMW cars, these skis will also feature some advanced engineering as a part of its offerings, to differentiate from any competition. The hallmark is the K2 baseline technology, which was borrowed from the K2 enterprise, an expert in this field of work. With the combined benefits of a camber and rocker, these skis ensures that the rider has greater gripping power and control, while combining the additional features benefits like versatility and turnability. Its other distinguishable points include the progressive sidecut, all-terrain rocker, Aspen and Paulownia core structure, and also the flexibility to add new skins if desired.

But what is the surprising element, is that these skis can’t be purchased in retail stores like the others, but are available as prizes in some of the special competitions. The most prominent event is the BMW xDrive Cup, where the competitors will be given the chance of winning a pair of these 500 limited edition skis, should they successfully manage to complete a distance of 5,000 meters by skiing on the specially slalom, and earning badges along the way. On deposit of 15 such badges, they will get a shot at winning this prize.

However, if you are looking at different options of skiing equipment, we do suggest taking a look at the Audi Carbon ski, Bentley Zai Supersport ski, and also the K2 Rolling Stones edition. Whether you use them to add thrill to your winter vacation or collect them as memorabilia, the choice remains yours.

Via: PR/ BMW Blog

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