BMW Z4M Coupe
BMW Z4M Coupe | $ 52,000
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BMW Z4M Coupe

BMW Z4M Coupe

BMW front engine rear wheel drive Z4 series came out in for the first time in 2002 in roadster style to replace Z3. It followed the legacy of Z1, Z3 and Z8. As a debutant car, it won the “Design of the Year Award” in the same year. The second generation Z4, launched in 2009, also won Red Dot Design Award in the same year. It’s obviously no wonder because BMW is famous for their designing senses. Z4M Coupe version was introduced in 2006. As the M suggests, it was a true sporty roadster and the high-performance trim in Z4 series. It came with a price tag of around £38,000 or $52,000. The Z4M Coupe was in production till 2008. During that time 4275 units were sold world wide and 1815 units were sold in the US.


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Inside the car, cabin had a typical glove-fitting, which means it was not cramped but not very comfortably spacious too. For fraction of people with considerable large frame body size, the vehicle was a bit claustrophobic. Just like any other BMW vehicle, Z4 M sported a perfect driver position. The Interior was almost completely customizable; standard upholstery came in nappa leather. Control panel and meter had perfect visibility, which was quite usual for BMW tradition. 3-spoke steering and perfectly positioned gear shift knob gave the interior a sporty sense. Seating arrangement was more inclined towards comfort and less to track-worthiness; so long drive would stress you out. Moderate rear boot size of 300 liters was sufficient for carry weekend tour loads. For safe driving, Z4 M came with standard VeDi brakes with ABS. Front brake diameter was 345 mm while rear brake diameter was 328 mm.


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Two-seater coupe Z4 M had natural roadster look with stretched and bulged out bonnet and short rear boot – dramatic indeed. However, long bonnet also obstructed corner vision; that could be a problem while parking in the cramped space. Xenon headlamps integrated with the body had a stunning look along with corona ring of lights. Contoured cabin roof allowed slightly bigger head room. From the back, BMW’s trademarked dual tail pipe and horizontal diffuser gave the car distinct sporty look. Lightweight 18 inches alloy wheel accentuated the overall sturdiness and helped to keep the vehicle light. Dimension-wise, Z4M was 4113 mm long, 1287 mm high and 1781 mm wide with wheel base of 2497 mm and curb weight of 1570 kg. Front wheel track size was 1486 mm and rear wheel track size was 1516 mm.

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