BMW Z4 | $ 62,778
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The BMW Z4 is really an extraordinary automobile offering an ultra luxurious ride. Flip the top and get super impressed by this rear wheel drive sports vehicle. This roadster’s 335 hp Twin power Turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine will most certainly give you the smoothest ride of your life. The look of the car is definitely powerful and it keeps up to its roadster dimension by possessing an extended engine hood, low seating and lower trunk line. You can be the proud owners of this super luxurious car after dishing out $ 62778.


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This amazing car has oodles of room to ensure a comfortable journey. It has been skillfully modified to meet all the requirements of the driver. It has a most favorably placed mechanism and asymmetrical center console and round control elements which echoes the classiness of the most celebrated BMW Z8. The compartment has lots of superior quality material. It has an elite white leather package consisting of Anthracite wood trim and sports seat swathed in Nappa leather.

The BMW Z4 Roadster has an outstanding build quality and is extremely comfortable even while driving for long distances. In fact, BMW has intentionally opted to make it soar over the road as evenly as possible. It’s an awfully easy car to live with and can make long trips very pleasurable. The cabin is broad and offers good space. Wind and road noise is minimum when the hood is up. This two seater car is quite a classy and sporty convertible with all the needed luxuries.


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The exterior of the BMW Z4 Roadster is classic. There are low seats close to the rear axle which gives the driver a wonderful feeling once on road. They are well matched with the expanded bonnet and short overhangs. The hood of the car can vanish tastefully into the back. When the hood is closed, the shape of the car becomes coupe style with just a press of the button. The car has an extremely contemporary silhouette and incorporates remarkable curves. The BMW Z4 can very smoothly steer around the stretches and the twists like no other car can.

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