BMW Z8 | $ 128,000
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BMW Z8 is a sporty, two-seater, hard top convertible which was produced from 1999 to 2003 as a variant to the BMW Z07 which was a very popular concept car. The overwhelming response to this model in the Tokyo Auto Show in 1997 spurred the making of the Z8. Only a limited number of 5703 cars were produced out of which half the number was sold in the US. Because of the limited number, many components were hand finished and buyers also had exclusive options in the styling of the interiors. BMW Z8 has been cited as a marvel of BMW hugging the road smoothly and zipping with high speed limited to 155.4 mph. It has been tested to outperform the Ferrari 360 in braking, acceleration and handling. It has also been styled in an eyecatching manner to hog the hollywood screen as James Bonds's partner in 'The World is not Enough'. The most popular colour is red which lights up a lot of streets in the US.


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The interior has a stylishly curved instrument panel positioned in the center and canted slightly towards the driver, with an integrated single system for the powered window glasses and mirrors This design gives the driver a better visibility of the road and gives the feel of riding a mobike in the open. The cockpit is roomy and the dashboard, clutter free. Z8's comfy seats offer the best siting posture to the passengers while the high tech audio system enhances their entertainment level.  Priced at $128,000, this roadster has a more sporty retro styled steering wheel with three spokes wrapped in a fat leather trim, instead of four spokes as in its predecessor model. The combined traction control, antilock braking system and cornering stabilization makes driving easy even for amateurs.


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The BMW Z8 has a hardtop offering it a flashy, sportscar look. The rear window has an automatic defroster with unique neon tube lights that are quicker to activate. These unique neon tubes are also used for the taillights and turn indicators. The windshield is larger and the hardtop tapers to a convex rear. The air-vents in the front are double bean shaped, for ensuring better aerodynamics.

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