Boca do Lobo debuts limited edition Heritage Sideboard boasts gold leaf interior

Andrea Divirgilio / February 2, 2012

After their bout of abstract creativity with the Millionaire safe last year, Boca do Lobo is back with the limited edition Heritage sideboard, which would also sport golden underlining. The main attraction of the set of sideboards is the intricate artwork, which presents itself in the different layers, with each one having a story of their own. In other words, this sidewall will actually take you through a journey of the most famous and iconic pieces of art throughout the history of Portugal.

Heritage sideboard

Opening up as a set of foldable tiles, the sideboard features a special designed interior which has been coated with gold leaves, mainly aimed at reminding the buyer about what the source of inspiration has been. On the exterior of these tiles, there will be hand worked paintings recreated by different artists, after being replicated from a series of historical art pieces from Portugal, thus presenting a timetable of the nation’s samples of creativity. The sources would include old school buildings, churches, and convents which are known for their ornamentation with designs from various ages, and framed according to fables and story themes. In the modern age, it comes as a plus point to bring back to life art which has been such an integral part of a country’s past and the prestige it commands.

Boca do Lobo limited edition Heritage sideboard

The ample use of precious metals like the yellow gold is the evidence of that, which has been the preferred lining for the sideboard interiors. It’s no wonder that the design has already made itself a star attraction for the Nelly Trend agency’s annual collection for 2012.

Boca do Lobo limited edition Heritage sideboard

For those that are looking to buy a set of this limited edition art piece for their grand interior settings, then the attached price tag is €15,670 ($20,599). The dimensions are 92cm for width, 50 cm for depth, and 182cm for height. Seems like the ideal jewel for the elite showcase.

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Via: Boca do Lobo/ Portugal confidential

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