Bonhams auction to have exotic wines and spirits in the upcoming auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 23, 2013

Those who love wines and finer spirits in life, should not miss the Bonham’s Fine Wines and Spirits auction event ever. Being held in Hong Kong on the 23rd of May, this auction will have rare spirits from around the world, including the Karuizawa Whisky from Japan as a part of the 450 lots that are meant for sale. Apart from that, a bottle of rare Macallan 1946-56 Masters of Photography series bottle is up for auction, estimated to be worth anything between $32,202 (HK$250,000) to $41,219 (HK$320,000). There will also be a 12 bottle set of Romanee Conti DRC 1988 which is estimated to bring in anything between $109,488 (HK$850,000) and $141,690 (HK$1,100,000), which typically also has been the way Romanee Conti wines have sold at auction events.

One the reasons why this Bonhams Fine Wines and Spirits Auction of 2013 will have a lot of connoisseurs interested, is that whisky from the far east are going to make waves at the event. A bottle of 1968 Karuizawa whisky is up for grabs, which the auction house personnel believe to be anything worth $3,220 (HK$25,000). Made in the Mount Asama region, located North-West of Tokyo, the weather in the region is known to be ideal for whisky production which demands cold weather, with relatively high humidity.

There will also be a Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl   ognac bottle, which is estimated to bring in between $19,322 (HK$150,000) and $25,763 (HK$200,000). Packaged in a handcrafted crystal decanter and specially fabricated leather box, this cognac is known to have notes of plum and dates, with flavors of gingerbread and prune stone, along with afternotes of tobacco leaves. There are are only 738 numbered bottles in the world for sale, hence should get the collectors bid aggressively. The beauty of the bottle lies a lot in it’s packaging, as in the rare contents inside.  

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