Bonhams to offer carved ruby dragster model car with a gold engine estimated to fetch up to $200k

Andrea Divirgilio / March 22, 2013

The serious car enthusiasts are passionate about their cars, even if its in 1/8th scale. From the special edition model cars to jeweled version for your showcases; the miniature cars appeal to the car aficionados. We ahve earlier seen the $4.7 million miniature Lamborghini Aventador dubbed as the world’s most expensive model car and also the ‘Midas touched’ gold edition of the Aventador, both of which commanded more than the price of the actual car. With Bonhams latest offering, the carved ruby dragster model with golden engine miniature edition carries an estimated price tag of up to $200,000. The unique vehicle has been modeled after the Green Black Prudhomme Dragster, a Chrysler 392 which gained fame for its noted driver Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme, the builder Kent Fuller and the tuner, Keith Black.

Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio Chrysler 392 miniature

Measuring just 60 cms in length, the modeled edition car is created by carving solid panels of ruby, by designer Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio. The designer then went on to carve the tyres out of obsidian, gold vermeil for the engine, wheel and some chassis components, and rock crystal for the windscreen.

The history of this car is perhaps the main reason which will drive the prices at the auction. The Chrysler 392 is currently owned by collector Bruce Meyer, but before it reached him, the car was actually one of the best known in the drag racing circuit. Beginning June 1962 the vehicle had it has topped its 8-second runs at the speed of 190MPH, and won more than 90% of its races during the next 2 years. Also, then the color of the vehicle was different. It was known to red, which was the team color which the vehicle represented. On May 21 this year, at the Bonham’s Minerals & Lapidary Works of Art sale, event the gemstone edition of the racer will finally change hands for a new collector.

Via: Bonhams/ Hemmings

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