Book Your Seat on the Virgin Galactic

Ivan Andrews / June 30, 2013

Sir Richard Branson is known for his innovation. In his latest offering, the Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson and Abu Dhabi’s aabar investments is offering a trip to the space. The event is being promoted as the first step towards becoming an astronaut. One will have to shell out US$ 250,000 besides some other deposits that would be refundable.

It is also worthy to note here that sooner are the reservations made, greater are your chances of making your tryst with unexplored vistas of the Universe. About 600 people have already booked their seats for this memorable lifetime experience and by going in for the same, you will be able to join an elite group of astronauts who have visited the Universe on numerous occasions.

As your booking for the space trip gets confirmed, priority access will be provided to you for various Virgin Galactic events that would be taking place over the course of time. The future austronauts who have already booked for the journey have got an opportunity to visit Necker Island with Richard Branson.

All who enroll for the program are also put across a stringent G-force training and milestone powered tests in Mojave islands. Only after successful completion of the training program can one think about becoming a part of the final lucky lot who will head to the Universe. Once enrolled for the program, you will be put across these tests and can finally head to the trip of your lifetime.

The trip is being promoted as a unique event that will turn out to be a lifetime experience, for those who undertake it. Three days of pre flight preparation would be undertaken to make austronauts comfortable with what they would be experiencing during the trip.

The pre flight preparation is essential to make the astronauts mentally and physically capable of encountering challenges that might arise during the course of the space trip.  Virgin Group has ensured that all the participants are put through this challenging schedule so as to make them enjoy, every moment of their journey.

Health and fitness aspects are too considered while picking up future astronauts who would be part of any such mission. To make their vision of experiencing micro gravity and  experiencing a new dimension of the earth, all the participants are put through pre flight medical checks. In the last pre medical check that was conducted by the Virgin group about 88 possible future astronauts were put through pre flight medical tests. Tests for experiencing the G force also forms an imperative part of this pre flight medical tests.

Of the 88 people who were put through the pre flight medical tests, around 88.93 % were able to complete the training session successfully and also cleared the various pre flight tests. The participants aged between 22 to 88 were put through these tests.

If thinking of becoming a part of this unique event, you need to possess a lot of mental and physical strength besides having a zeal to be a part of an unique mission that will enable you to explore the universe from a new dimension.


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