Bornrich Gift Guide: Wow Gifts

Andrea Divirgilio / December 8, 2008

For Him

$12,000 Caballero Polo

caballero polo bullet proof LgeKM 12

If price is no limit for you then this bulletproof Caballero Polo will keep him safe when he is out playing his favorite sports. More so, with the recession crime is expected to rise, which makes this polo tee worth its price. The polo shirt is good enough to protect you from a 9mm pistol. Buy it here.

Nethrone Workstation

nethrone Ajo9T 12

For a geeky boyfriend, nothing will get him excited like this luxury Nethrone Workstation. Nethrone offers comfort and style for serious work and intense play. So, stop worrying about his posture and let him enjoy his gameplay. The cradle-like environment comes complete with the unit’s five electric actuators, adjustable reclining vibrating seat, computer/gaming peripherals, neck cushion and footrest. Each unit is equipped with an adjustable monitor lift and tilt support. Available at the product page for $1,800.

MicroMatic v-POD Beer Dispensers

v pod dispensers1 UvXSu 12

You don’t have to fetch him beer when he is busy watching football with this v-POD Beer Dispenser that comes equipped with a built-in 10-inch LCD screen, remotely mounted DiGi viewer and stereo speakers. The dispensers are available in stainless steel and brass finishes for a price of $3,050 and $3,380 respectively. Available at Micromatic.

Virtual Flying with SX02 Flight Simulator

sxo2 flight simulator Vpnbx 12

Flying a plane is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if he is learning the art of flight then this outrageous SX02 Flight Simulator will teach him with precision. In fact, it is a great tool for anyone who wants to experience the rush of flying. The SX02 delivers a surround sound experience complete with surround screens for panoramic realism. There is a centrally mounted joystick, a tension adjustable throttle and a digital programmable readout. The simulator boasts a full metal modular monocoque construction. The flight simulator sells for $9,500 at Simworx.

For Her

• Bobbi Brown Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Trunk

beauty trunk lGabP 48

This Platinum makeup trunk makes a super luxurious gift. Hand-crafted in genuine leather, it provides a refined and luxurious way to house and display your makeup. Custom-filled with an array of Bobbi Brown makeup and treatment products, this exclusive beauty trunk will surely impress your lady. The Deluxe Beauty Trunk is available at Neiman Marcus for a cool $2,000.

• Motorola Aura

motorola aura 10 vh29c 48 pCtz2 48

It’s the latest luxury phone on the market and your gal might be eyeing it. The Motorola Aura is a timeless, classically designed device that delivers a sensory experience. Boasting of outstanding craftsmanship, inspired by high-end watches, AURA breaks convention and marks the return of artistry in the design of mobile phones. The fashionable Aura is available at Moto store for $2,000.

• Gianni Versace Couture

versace b8mkr 48 t35ck 48

The pricey eau de parfum certainly falls in the category of the world’s most luxurious fragrances. The 3.4-oz. bottle of the perfume is covered with hand-stitched white leather, and it comes in a leather box with silver and gold details. Both the sheath and the box bear metal plates bear the words “Gianni Versace Couture.” The stunningly beautiful train case will be sold through 84 Versace boutiques around the world. The Gianni Versace Couture fragrance is available from Versace’s 84 boutiques around the world for $2100.

• Brionvega Alpha TV

brionvega alpha 1u1Z9 48

So, she loves retro creations. Take a look at the this retro-stylish Italian designed LCD TV titled Alpha from the house of Brionvega. The innovative design allows the base to hold the electronics and the DVD player for a clean look and portable appeal. Available in silver, black or the orange, the Brionvega Alpha TV sells for $2470.

• Scheu Analog’s Diamond turntable

diamond turntable muGyb 48

This is a perfect gift if your girl loves to listen to music on a turntable. The Diamond turntable from the house of German brand Scheu Analog is aimed straight at the ladies who are all after pink. Touting a pure, sleek silhouette, the Diamond turntable integrates state-of-the-art technology and blends it well with sexy make, thereby offering a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology for DJ-loving women. You can buy on from Scheu Analog for $4,934.

• Dunhill’s Pave Black Diamond USB key

dunhill usb svmzy feopb 2064 Zc9lV 48

This is a great gift for your geeky girl. The Pave Black Diamond USB key is a perfect example of combination of decadent luxury and quotidian functionality. With 8GB storage capacity and a base of oxidized sterling silver, this stylish USB key has been adorned with 272 black diamonds. You will also find the discreet Alfred Dunhill branding on the reverse side of the shiny USB stick. Available at Dunhill stores for $6,665.

• MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset

motopure h12 bluetooth headset 48 k4Zm5 48

The limited edition MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset by Amosu, which is only available to custom order, is made from 18k gold and over 180 brilliant cut diamonds, totaling to a decent 3.47 carats. It comes with an option to choose between white and yellow 18k gold and there is even the option to customize with white, pink or even black diamonds. The headsets, 100 only in number, are exclusively available from Selfridges in London and Manchester and Harvey Nicholls in London. This stunning headset is available from Amosu for between $5,895 and $9,105.

For Home

gargagiste winepod IDare 48

If you love to make your own wine, you should consider the Garagiste by WinePod. This entry level personal winemaking system combines fermentation, pressing and aging in one neat unit. It comes with WineCoach, the first interactive winemaking software, which gives step-by-step instructions to the amateur winemakers. The Garagiste by WinePod sells for a cool $1,999.

• Fuego 02 Electric grill

feugo grill G4Ra9 48

Love grilling? Check out the Fuego 02 electric grill, the industry’s first outdoor, electric plug-in grill with an island configuration. It features slate and teak countertops with hidden storage, a fully retractable weather lid, built-in wheels for easy mobility and a cast iron, enamel-coated grill grate. The Fuego 02 electric grill is available for $1950.

• LavaboSinks Moody Acquario

There is something about aquariums that is just so cool. If you are tight on space and have no extra room for an aquarium, the LavaboSinks Moody Acquario looks to be a great buy. The sink glass top is secured by the waste, and can be lifted easily to maintain the aquarium. The exotic aquarium also has a power circuit to facilitate lighting, water-circulation, oxygenation and filteration. The LavaboSinks Moody Acquario is availble for $2,555.

• Ultimate Kitchen Combo by John Lewis

ultimate kitchen combo 1YPLH 48

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Bring home this Ultimate Kitchen Combo by John Lewis this Christmas or simply gift it to someone. This unit includes a LCD digital television, coffee machine, an electric oven, steam oven and steam cooker. The Ultimate Kitchen Combo is available for $4,500.

• Hoverit Lounger

hoverit lounger 48 UQ8PR 48

Here is something very special for this holiday season that will make you feel like floating in the air. You won’t need to get nirvana for the Hoverit Lounger. The levitating chair, precision engineered and built by hand, uses magnets that repel magnetic forces and gives the impression you are floating in the air. Permanent magnets can also help back and muscular problems, and headaches. The Hoverit Lounger is priced at $8,580.

• Mobile Wine Bar Kefren

The holiday time has already marked the onset of the party season, and if you have still not shifted into party mode then this Mobile Wine Bar Kefren will set the party mood for you with the wine flowing. The air-conditioned trolley bar features dual temperature controls for wine tasting and serving with 5-10°C in the upper section and 11-18°C in the lower section. The luxurious Mobile Wine Bar Kefren is available for $9,950.

• Wooden Spira Shower

spira shower Z2giJ 48

The Wooden Spira Shower is nothing less than a work of art. The unit combines wood and metal in the most aesthetic manner possible to end up becoming an art piece. It has been designed to enrich you with the fresh sensation of a warm tropical rainstorm. The stunning Spira Shower features six strategically placed hydromassage whirlpool nozzles built into its classy wooden body. The sexy wooden Spira Shower is priced between $15,500 and $18,650.

• Poggenpohl Multifunctional Dining Desk

dining desk 9c5m9 48

This is one great buy for home this season. The unique Poggenpohl Dining Desk features a functional area that slides open to reveal a recessed channel, in which you can install kitchen items such as a grill unit, ice tray or segmented cutlery bin. The slender, large-size dining table can be opened lengthwise either by hand or with the aid of an electrical motor. The open center can be filled with kitchen tools and appliances. The Poggenpohl Multifunctional Dining Desk sells for $7,000 for a basic version in marsh-oak veneer to $47,000 for the Statuario marble version.

• Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system

hollandia elite bed EoLyy 48

Multimedia beds are trendy right now, and if you are looking for one this holiday season, do take a look at the Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system from the house of Hollandia International. The luxe bed features a retractable 32-inch Sony Bravia HDTV integrated into the bed’s footboard. The Elite is also equipped with a Sony Bravia theater system that includes a five DVD/CD changer, a five speaker surround sound system, a subwoofer beneath the bed for a complete hi-end experience, and an iPod docking station. To top that, the bed gently adjusts to a comfortable reclining position. The Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system is available from Hollandia for $35,000.

For Discerning Traveler

Asus U6V-B1 Biodegradable Bamboo Notebook

asus main mHmXj 12

This eco-friendly bamboo notebook will woo geeks and fashionistas alike. This artisan-grade ultra-portable notebook is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 2.53GHz processor and it packs in a 12.1-inch screen, a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a built-in 0.3-megapixel webcam320GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. The U6 screen has been designed with a special LED backlight panel that is half the width of and 1/3 lighter than the traditional LCD panel and features a 1280 x 800 resolution. Available on order for $1,999 from Amazon.

Bentley and Ego $20k Laptop

ego bentley 5s7Rf 12

The luxury car maker Bentley has teamed up with Ego Lifestyle to create a series of one-off laptops known as “Ego for Bentley” aimed at the filthy rich. This bespoke Ego for Bentley notebook will get you all the attention from the on-lookers, no matter where you are. “A sophisticated blend of form and function, this special Limited Edition reflects the individuality and discerning style of both car and driver – the ultimate partner for the perfect drive.” The exteriors feature panels trimmed with the finest selection of Bentley leather and finished with the authentic Bentley cross-over hand-stitching. And the interiors pack in the latest Microsoft Vista Ultimate software, a 64-bit processor and a 160Gb hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam and media center. Available for $20K or order from Ego Lifestyle. You can even settle in for Ego’s stunning personal editions.

S.T Dupont Diamond Case

st dupont diamond case kljwX 12

S.T. Dupont sure knows the pulse of the luxury traveler. The company’s luxurious travel case will leave the rich and famous drooling. Handcrafted in black crocodile leather, the case is what you call the complete mobile office! It includes a palladium lighter pen with an iconic Diamond Head pattern, 2GB USB Key set with a black diamond, a personal diary, a copy of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince for some light bedtime reading, a mini-teddy bear to keep you company, an unfolding workstation for your laptop and just enough space for your personal pictures and books. Available from company’s site.

Pinel & Pinel Luxury Trunks

portable office tKf7c 12

Paris-based Pinel & Pinel bespoke luxury collection features a series of very special trunks to suit your high-end taste. There is one to accompany every traveler – literally. For the movie buff there is Visio Trunk – a portable home cinema. Or the Picnic Trunk, for the “nomadic traveler,” or the traveling office i-Trunk for the executive who likes to carry an office on wheels. There is even a Soprano Trunk for the serious music enthusiasts and Krug Champagne trunk for the true connoisseur. The luxury trunks are finished in the finest leather, crocodile, or galuchat. The insides feature a blend of wood and leather with nickel-plated brass hardware. Meant for the elite traveler who vies for exclusivity and for whom money is no object. Browse their complete collection at Pinel&Pinel.

Cirrus Vision SJ50 – The Bentley of personal jets

ciruss jet 4tZlr 12

For the filthy rich business tycoons who live by “Time is Money” this Cirrus Vision single-engine personal jet, formerly known as “the-jet,” will streamline your workdays. Cirrus Vision has unsurpassed interior space, single-engine fuel efficiency, flexible seating for up to seven, state-of-the-art advanced avionics and flight systems and all the safety hallmarks already associated with Cirrus, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). The Cirrus Vision is technologically advanced aircraft. And even if you don’t know how to fly an airplane, the company provides you with a personal pilot for a full year to teach you how to fly. Visit the company site to book one for you.

For Audiophiles

• Sonance Kayak loudpeaker

sonance kayak wH7aB 48

Aren’t they sexy enough to gift to someone? The Sonance Kayak speaker is no ordinary sound system, but a unique piece of art. Developed by NACSound, the Sonance Kayak promises stereo sound from a single, stylish speaker. Kayak is designed to be suspended horizontally between two opposing walls or pillars, or vertically between floor and ceiling. It is capable of doling out 60W with a sensitivity of about 86dB. You can buy one for a cool $2,900.

• Meridian F80 audio system

meridian f80 INXag 48

You won’t think twice for the Meridian F80 audio system. This beautiful, high-performance compact system is blessed with CD/DVD player, AM/FM/DAB radio and alarm functions. Jointly designed by Meridian and Ferrari, the F80 has 3 power amplifiers that can deliver more than 80 watts of sound to the speakers and the subwoofer. The drop-dead gorgeous Meridian F80 audio system is available for $2,995.

• Waterfall Audio glass speakers

victoria evo OkjTv 48

From the form factor, it looks like the Waterfall Audio glass speakers would cost a fortune, but to my surprise, they are not that expensive. The special glass used in the making gives us a feeling that the drivers are just floating in the air. The two models, Victoria EVO and the Iguascu EVO, are available for $5,400 and $3,900 per pair respectively.

• iDiamond Ear Headphones

idiamond r8P7L 48

Looking for some bling-bling gift? Check out the “iDiamond ear” earphones designed by Heyerdahl jewelry. The sparkling iDiamond ear is made of 18 karat massive gold, set with a total of 204 diamonds, totaling to 1.65 carats. The diamond-studded iDiamond headphones will set you back $6,400.

• Sonic Chair

sonic chair FSsLk 48

Aimed straight at true audiophiles, the Sonic Chair is a pod-like seat that puts its occupant in a personal sound space and minimizes the unwanted ambient sounds. Audio sources connect with the help of line-level inputs. The chair’s speakers are crafted and placed in the bowl to enrich the user with great bass and focused acoustics. Available in 35 colors, the Sonic Chair is available for $7,560.

• Sooloos Ensemble music management system

sooloos ensemble DUJlr 48

Whether you own a one room home or a mansion, the Sooloos Ensemble music management system is simply meant for you. With Sooloos’ simple, intuitive touchscreen interface and incredible ease of use, consumers can interact with their entire CD and MP3 audio collections like never before. The unit comprises storage/playback Ensemble server and Sooloos’ Control:One touch screen interface. The server includes an optical drive and USB port, 1TB of storage space and compatibility with other control systems, including Crestron remotes and Apple’s iPod touch / iPhone. The Sooloos Ensemble music management system is available for $7,900.

• Transport pod bed

transport pod bed 48 npirz 48

So, you need something other than the docking stations and speakers. If you’re into music and total relaxation, the Transport Pod Bed from designer Alberto Frias will be right up your alley. The Transport perceptual pod is equipped with Anthony Gallo‘s four-inch Nucleus Micro speakers and a 240-watt MPS subwoofer and creates a sensual light, sound and space environment. The temperature-controlled waterbed surface also has the ability to perform a crazy LED light show. It can be integrated in with your iPod or computer. The Transport Pod Bed is available for $16,000.

• Kaleidescape Home Theater System

kaleidiscope Qs7x5 48

The Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System’s fault-tolerant Servers, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organizing your movies and music. Kaleidescape System uses high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies and music throughout your home. The Kaleidescape System comprises three primary components: Servers, Movie Players and Music Players. They can be combined in myriad ways to deliver movies and music seamlessly throughout your home. Pricing starts at $22,500.

• DaVinciAudio Labs’ AAS Gabriel turntable

davinciaudio aas gabriel GgkUE 48

If your dad thinks that the best way to listen to music is on a high-quality old-fashioned analog turntable, surprise him with the DaVinciAudio Labs’ AAS Gabriel turntable this Christmas. It comes equipped with highly stable drive chassis, acoustically sound turntable, silent bearings, and stable power supply. It has been designed in a way to produce absolutely zero noise or vibration. The 24-karat gold and white Luxury Edition sells for $41,250 while the silver and black version is available for $35,400.

For Pets

• Diamond-studded MP3 player

joozoo XgfEy 48

This blinged MP3 player ‘JooZoo’ is simply meant for rich Fidos. The luxury mp3 player is adorned with 18k gold and diamond, and it features premium design with a heart-shaped necklace. Besides the stylish looks the mp3 player is designed for pet’s relaxation and safe play stimulation. This is exactly what you need for your pet this Christmas. The JooZoo Mp3 player is priced at between $1500 and $2000.

• Global Gallivanter trunk

global trunk IdPb8 48

This exclusive high quality pet bed created by Lila Paws is just the thing you need to have your dog or cat travel with you around the world. The handmade Global Gallivanter trunk for pets is crafted in espresso Napa leather with reinforced corners and two thick leather straps with brass buckles to hold your pooch or kitty firmly in place during flights or car trips. The trunk contains a water bowl, a pet passport holder, a chewy toy, and a fish or bone cushion to take care of your pet’s needs. The Global Gallivanter trunk is available for $1,935.

• Canine Fine Art Cave

canine fine art cave 1CpfA 48

This nice looking Canine Fine Art Cave was named after Browning Passage, an inlet just off Tofino, B.C. where its arch was found. Your pooch can curl up in complete bliss on its cushion cavern in the raised rear of the cave kennel. The cave retains body heat to give your pooch a nice warm home even in the biting cold winter season. The Canine Fine Art Cave also has sound deadening to let your precious pooch doze away, unobstructed. Some more goodies include the Scottie’s authentic paw print, Scottie’s Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Badge of Honor. The Canine Fine Art Cave is available at POOCH for $5900.

• Gilded 22.5k Gold eiCrate

eicrate L952C 48

If your dog crate is kinda ugly, you should be looking at the Gilded 22.5k Gold eiCrate designed by Peter Pracilio. Touting an artistic round shape, the eiCrate features a little round door, two secure locks and accessories like a cover and half-moon shaped doggie cushion. The material used in the making is powder-coated steel wire gilded in 22.5k gold-leaf. The Gilded 22.5k Gold eiCrate is available at GO! PET Design for a cool $11,000.

• Elite Pet Havens

elite pet haven C38Ob 48

This is the height of luxury you can gift to your furry friends. The Elite Pet Havens are custom designed state-of-the-art health and luxury havens for your favorite pet. The havens are virtual interactive outdoor environments for your pet inside your own home. Options include temperature, scent and taste, touch controls and virtual play with the real pet. You can also get your pet’s exercise program monitored by experts remotely. A custom designed Elite Pet Haven could cost between $50,000 and $200,000.

For Rich Kids

• Ferrari FXX pedal go-kart

ferrari fxx pedal go cart pfk6I 48

The Ferrari FXX pedal go-cart is a mighty good way for you to initiate your kids into becoming Ferrari worshippers like you and also have loads of fun racing around the block. The exclusive Ferrari FXX pedal go-kart from the house of Berg Toys has a nice sports-car like stance, comes in Ferrari red and also manages to look quite big for a pedal go-cart. The go-cart is also loaded to the gills with various safety features like disc brakes and even a seatbelt for its racing seat. The Ferrari FXX pedal go-cart is available at at BergToys for about $2,000.

• The Roddler

roddler DQANz 48

The luxurious stroller has “Uber-Rich” written all over it. The aircraft-inspired design is constructed likewise to give your little toddler a high. The Roddler features lightweight chassis construction which can be customized with custom pearl paint jobs with pinstripes, custom leather seats and tops available in a host of colors and stitch combinations, custom rims and tires. Above all, the stroller can be customized to include a Bluetooth speakerphone and Caller ID, DVD players, and iPod docking station. Pricing for the pimped-out stroller is starts at $2,500.

• Titanium Tricycle

titanium tricycle kTBAM 48

For the uber-rich kid who has everything money can afford, the titanium tricycle is worth the temptation. The use of titanium gives the bike a luxurious edge besides making it indestructible to withstand third degree torture from your little devil. The frame is made entirely of pure titanium, which makes it only half as dense as steel and as corrosion-resistant as platinum. The Titanium Tricycle is available for $2,500.

• Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

space junk bed PAvdL 48

It really would be so much easier to coax a kid to go to bed if the bed itself was interesting and beautiful, making a child actually look forward to bed-time. The Space Shuttle Bunk Bed uses precisely this idea to lure the little ones to their night-time slumber. Meant for kids of up to the age of 6 or 7, this uniquely designed bed is an ideal resting-place for any kid who has a liking for space. The bed has bunks, and children will love to have a nap in it, especially on the top bunk. The Space Shuttle Bunk Bed is available for $2595.

• Hello Kitty robot

hello kitty robot fMwCW 48

What could be the perfect companion to your kid other than a Hello Kitty robot? The beautiful Hello Kitty robot can communicate with you in the Hello Kitty’s voice and can chat with you in 3 different situations, as a close friend, with the family, and as a guessing game. The robot is intelligent too as it features face recognition through a CMOS sensor and voice recognition through a microphone so that it can keep your secrets. The Hello Kitty robot is available at DreamKitty for $6,300.

• Auto Union Type C pedal car

audi pedal car 3hzCh 48

Your kid is going to give you a tight hug for this one. This is, I think, the world’s most beautiful factory pedal car developed ever. The Auto Union Type C pedal car is the new flagship to the Audi’s quattro GmbH line of lifestyle items and accessories. The scaled-down replica classic Grand Prix race car is more than just a toy, adorned with an aluminum space frame, aluminum bodywork, handcrafted leather seats, hydraulic dual-disc brake, a removable steering wheel, and bespoke spoked wheels. The Auto Union Type C pedal car is available for $14,125.

For Auto Lovers

• Party-A-Cargo

partyacargo bBY3O 48

This Party-A-Cargo tow hitch mounted kegerator could be a great out-of-the-box gift for an auto lover who is always on the move. This fully self-contained tailgating kegerator cargo can store up to 160 cans for your booze party needs and it also features a sound system so you can have a complete blast! The Party-A-Cargo Ultimate features a Kegerator/Jockey Box, CD/stereo, 2 – 6″x9″ speakers, 10″ subwoofer, Sirius satellite radio, built-in battery charger and 12-volt power adapter. The Party-A-Cargo is available for $3,795.

• Porsche 917 sofa

porsche sofa 4BUDE 48

A great gift for Porsche fans! The Porsche 917 inspired the design of this unique piece of creative art. The body is manufactured in an original glass fibre format and painted with nine coats of two pack automotive paint. The chassis frame is manufactured in 16 gauge tubular mild steel and powder coated for a hard non corrosive finish. The Porsche 917 sofa is available for $5,990.

• Diamond-studded Bentley Continental car key

diamond key hXJo3 48

For those who own a Bentley, nothing looks better than this diamond-studded Bentley continental car key from Alexander Amosu. The key is handset with 101 diamonds on the Bentley famous wings with a total of 1.09 carats using color F, VS1 clarity. The key is a perfect gift for a Bentley owner this Christmas. The diamond-studded key is available for around $7,500.

• Bentley Ego Notebook

bentlety laptop ekadx 48 EGfaG 48

So, you are looking for something unique for your friend, who happens to be a Bentley owner. Surprise him with the Bentley Ego Notebook. Encased in rich leather that is hand-sewn cross stitching inspired by Bentley’s fabled seats, the notebook even features a Bentley door handle that has been converted for computer carrying duty. The color schemes of the notebooks match those of the famous luxury cars with the inside metal reflecting the paint job on the outside. The Bentley Ego Notebook is available for around $15,000.

• BRP Can-Am Spyder

spyder cOxcY 48

Any open road rider would love to get this as Christmas gift. The sexy looking Y-shaped beast is power-driven by a 106hp Rotax 990cc V-Twin Engine. Its multifunction gauge cluster helps you view an array of vital details on the move. Other than that, it comes rocking a five-speed manual gearbox and four electronic control units. The BRP Can-Am Spyder is available for around $15,000.

• Ferrari Unica gym

ferrarigym 7QKqp 48

For sports enthusiast and lovers of the Ferrari cars, the Ferrari Unica gym makes for a great gift. Every bit and piece of the Ferrari Unica gym seems to be inspired from the Ferrari cars itself. The gym frame is racing red as expected while the leather trim of its padding is beige that resembles the classic Ferrari interiors. You can get into the perfect shape with 25 different exercises offered by the techno gym. The Ferrari Unica gym is available for around $17,400.

• Ferrari Art.Engine

ferrai art engine YokfC 48

The Ferrari Art.Engine offers the design scheme and power of a Ferrari automobile, for those who maybe aren’t as interested in cars as they are in music. The Art.Engine comes with its very own built-in amplifier and Wi-Fi support. You can see and hear the passion inspired by Ferrari in Art.Engine’s every detail – from the racing-style NACA cooling ducts, sumptuous carbon fiber baffles and Ferrari inspired paint finish to the exceptional sonic performance. The Ferrari Art.Engine is available for $20,000.

• Fighter Motorcycle

fighter bike W5r3O 48

This one is a great gift for hardcore bikers. Neiman Marcus, in his latest Christmas Book for the super rich, has featured this limited edition Fighter Motorcycle. This beast from Confederate Motor Company packs 190 mph of terrific performance into its avant-garde carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum chassis. Attention has been paid to every detail and the finest of the materials have been used in the making. The limited edition Fighter Motorcycle is available for $110,000.

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