Bornrich’s Top 13 wow gifts for 2011
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Bornrich’s Top 13 wow gifts for 2011

Bornrich’s Top 13 wow gifts for 2011

The Christmas shopping is in its full swing and we are here with our last-minute most expensive gift suggestions for those who can afford to spend millions exercising their shopping instincts. Yes, cheap Tadalafil the super rich are back with a bang, shopping like there’s no tomorrow. Our “objects of desire” include everything flashy cars, and world's luxurious yachts to immaterial luxuries. So, here’s a toast to the ultimate luxury and indulgence with the most expensive gift items on our list. Enjoy!

Most expensive gifts

1) Dartz armored SUVs

Gold-plated SUV

Russian armored car manufacturer

Cufflinks are forever. For the quintessential man who has a passion for cuff links, Roland iten's cufflinks made from AK-47 are one of the most expensive and unconventional cufflinks made for discerning tastes. The transforming cufflinks from the Fonderie 47 collection are made using Swiss technology. The luxury make boasts 18k rose and white gold finish along with the metal from an AK-47 assault rifle. The cufflinks are available in a limited edition of

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Most women have shoe fetish. But not everyone can afford to look like Cinderella, for those who can; Sergio Rossi has designed precious metal shoes in 22-carat gold and silver leaf. The luxury shoe collection is the stuff the fairy tales are made of. The 22 ct gold and antique silver leaf versions of the brand’s Cachet pump will be accessible, on demand through Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave., 305-864-3643 for a price of

For the adventure-seekers who especially like the thrill of going airborne, a jetpack is what even James Bond would love to try on. Forget the momentary experience on a rented jetpack, buy your personal water-propelled Jetlev R200 if you have a

Every man loves mean bikes, but this one is anything but mean. It’s indeed the world’s most expensive electric motorcycle, so spending a $100,000 won’t at least have any conscientious ripples afterwards. The futuristic motorcycle is powered by a lithium-ion battery that goess 80-100 miles on a one-hour charge. The bike has a top speed of 120 mph. The Detonator is on sale to customers in the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

6) The Streets of Monaco luxury superyacht

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Earlier, only the royals were known to travel around with their entourage on their foreign trips including their chef, dressers, doctor, bodyguards and what not. Royals may have gone, but the royalty is here to stay. The uber-rich are being known for their display of wealth in style, besides their need for everything as per their personal preferences. Unless you own a fleet of yachts, Edmiston offers you to bring along your entourage in style with its Golden fleet holiday package priced at

Big boys love big toys. Built by French firm Lazareth, the Wazuma V8 is the world’s most expensive quad bike and only one of it is made available for sale. The powerful racing machine is powered by a 250bhp Ferrari engine order Combivent online and a six speed gearbox, controlled by the handlebars from a BMW M3. It boasts a top speed of 150pmh. The one-off bike for approx. $262,238, a perfect splurge if you own a private racetrack!

9). Gigantis watch winder cabinet

Gigantis watch winder cabinet

The high-end watchmakers are literally reinventing the time with their one-off complication horological masterpieces. So, for those avid collectors and watch enthusiasts, treasuring their limited edition watches is a priority. A German-based startup, Kudoe, Schli and Matz has designed the world’s most expensive watch winder cabinet called “Gigantis” that not just keeps your watches safe in its 60 illuminated, computer-controlled watch winders, but the six feet tall and five feet wide cabinet is loaded with gadgetry including smartphone controlled TV and stereo, and even has a bar and a humidor to flaunt you collection while having a party. The Gigantis adorns a

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If Airstream is known for its classic caravans, Marchi Mobile will be known for its futuristic leisure camper vans with its element series. The element palazzo combines the characteristics from motor, yachting and aviation and morphs it into a sci-fi style camper van with extravagant and hi-tech interiors. The VIP shuttle will set you back $3,000,000.

11) Phantom v1610 camera

Phantom v1610 camera

For those who live by the gilded standards, every moment is a buy baclofen online. order pills and medication from cheap online pharmacy rx. when order baclofen you get a free fast shipping worldwide and lifetime moment. So, when life is a celebration, capture every moment with the world's fastest digital high-speed camera by Vision Research. New Phantom v1610 captures between 650,000 fps and one million frames per second and it looks as impressive as a high-end sports car. The pricing starts around

For the most demanding auto collectors, for whom owning a Pagani or a Fisker Karma isn’t the road to contentment, Alessi Fiberglass has designed “The AR-1” motorcar especially built for you. With production limited to only fifty cars, the AR-1 is a automobile masterpiece that offers stunning aesthetics and extraordinary undercarriage. The body is hand-laid fiberglass with steel reinforcements. A true custom sports car!

13) Vacheron Constantin Kallista diamond watch

Vacheron Constantin diamond watches

While the complicated watches has their own charm, it needs a deep knowledge and appreciation for the horological complications to discern its basic purpose of telling time. But, for the other discerning watch aficionados, who can afford to buy art watches, Vacheron Constantin Kallista diamond watches are as royal as it can get. The dazzling diamond-studded Kallista watches are one of the most expensive wristwatches with price tag ranging into millions. Only if there is one available somewhere Where to buy Viagra for sale.

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