Bottega Veneta Leather Desk – Exceptionally elegant

Andrea Divirgilio / September 9, 2008

leather table wCV2n 5784

Sofas, chairs and even ottomans are usually found dressed in leather to radiate elegance. For ages, leather furniture has been enchanting people worldwide with its timeless appeal and aesthetic value. Bottega Veneta has cashed in on the same old trend but with a slight difference. Instead of offering a leathered seating, this time they have dressed up a large desk with the same. Standing tall, this desk sports a fuss-free design. The unambiguous shape has room for three drawers placed under the tabletop. Each of theses drawers can be pulled out with flat leather handles. If you need to budge it from its location, simply pull it with the help of stiff leather handles that are fitted to both the sides. Every inch of this table is clad with leather except for the matte metal trimmings. For $19,700, this Bottega Veneta creation promises sophistication and comfort along with superior quality. A must-have for style-conscious executives to sign million dollar deals.

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