Bowers and Wilkins optimal resonance speakers geeky and sexy at the same time
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Bowers and Wilkins optimal resonance speakers geeky and sexy at the same time

Bowers and Wilkins optimal resonance speakers geeky and sexy at the same time

Bowers & Wilkins optimal resonance speakers

When UK Bowers & Wilkins create any new product, audiophiles know what to expect: great looks and mathematically precise sound. After showing their prowess in the world of high-end audio with examples like the PM1 speakers, they have introduced the Optimal Resonance speakers, which bring in a whole new design, with the signature innovation in technology, and mathematical precision of sound that the brand has now become synonymous with. Just most of their earlier offerings, these Order Lamisil zoloft average price generic zoloft online pharmacy purchase zoloft speakers bear a similar premium price tag of $60,000 each.

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Bowers & Wilkins have worked on the speaker driver, in buy Cytotec cheap order to bring in the precision noticed in sound output from these speakers. This has been done by dampening, absorbing and channeling the rear traveling sounds, thus reducing cabinet coloration or resonance from the rear end of the device. Precise to the finest level, and great in external aesthetics, there are 1-inch and 2-inch tweeters along with 4-inch mid-range driver that play a crucial role in giving out a rather crisp, clear, and more vibrant sound output. On further probing, it is said the vibration patterns are monitored to the level of 1/3000th of a millimeter by using Laser-Doppler velocimetry. The result of that is of course the precision and crispness of the sound. For the times when bass plays an important role, there are 12-inch bass drivers which are housed in a curved spiral tube, thus enabling waves to travel without reflection.

The other notable point coming to light is that each speaker needs 4 –separate amplifiers to operate on the optimum level, but have not been included along with the speakers. This would call for further shelling out of cash, and if considerable, some extra space as well. However, the aesthetics cover up for any folly might look for. The unique sharp yet soft body of the speaker makes them great Natrexone Buy to look at, especially if you get them in matching colors. Options include black, blue and silver, and the quality of the paint is on similar levels of high-end vehicles from Germany.

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Via: Hammer Schlemmer

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