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Brandi Passante | $ 1.5 Million
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Brandi Passante Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 1.5 Million
brandi passante
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Born on: 16th May 80 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Professional Auctioneer Storage Wars
Brandi Passante net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. Brandi Passante is known to the world as being a TV personality thanks to the show “Storage Wars”.  She and her long-time partner Jarrod Schulz star in the said show. Brandi Passante net worth accumulated from the reality show that she and her husband star in as well as from thier store "Now and Then." Passante and Schultz have two children which was a product of their 12 year relationship. They opened their store “Now and Then” which is located in Orange County is about 3000-square feet and there sell the items that they buy at various auctions.The pair tries to get an abandoned storages at the lowest price possible with the hopes of being able to score big on their find. All are given a fair share in bidding so they just have to outbid their other competitors wisely. From furniture to electronics, you name it and their store possibly has it. What makes their store a hit is because visitors know that they Storage Wars stars. Thanks to this exposure, the influx of people has increased thus boosting their sales and so is Brandi Passante net worth. No complains for this matriarch with their slow but steady source of income. She says that it can support their family so there are no plans of stopping purchasing abandoned lots. Passante is seen always at the side of Schultz making sure that the correct decision is carried out. She knows that there are risks involved and tries to avoid that as often as possible. The couple has been branded the “young guns” meaning they have the least financial capital among the buyers of the show. Nevertheless, Passante is still thankful because it was through the show that they were able to put up a thrift shop. Bankruptcy is one thing that Passante does not want to experience so she allows herself to be cautious and sceptical when doing business. Schultz, on the other hand, decides based on his excitement. If this continues, financial losses will surely come knocking on their store soon and that would mean negative effect to Brandi Passante net worth.
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