Brick Lego Radiator, Too Hot to Handle!

Andrea Divirgilio / October 16, 2008

lego radiator scirocco HfXhM 12
LEGO fever is on its high. Catching-up with the LEGO trend is this LEGO radiator, Brick, which will add a vibrant feel to your décor. The funky radiator is designed by architect Marco Baxadonne for Scirocco. The enhanced surface area of the blocks helps to spread heat more effectively, and the plumbing inside the blocks enables putting together the pieces of the radiator in LEGO-style. No other details are yet known but this creative design won’t come cheap. Also, I am getting really curious if the LEGO-styling makes the design flexible enough to mold into different designs for yet another cool look. (OK, too much!)

Via: Dvice/Gizmodo

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