Brikk launches Titanium iPhone cases with a philanthropic aim
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Brikk launches Titanium iPhone cases with a philanthropic aim

Brikk launches Titanium iPhone cases with a philanthropic aim

Brikk Titanium cases for iPhone 4 & 5

Brikk, which is known to produce luxury memorabilia, has recently launched a series of high-end titanium iPhone casings called ‘Trim’ series. What sets these high-end covers apart, is that their sale will also have a philanthropic aim of giving away a metric tonne of rice to NGOs working for hunger elimination. Since each of these products comes in a premium range of pricing, and Brikk has always been a philanthropic brand, this move by them comes as a welcome surprise.

The ‘Trim’ series of iPhone cases comes with a body of 98%pure titanium, which has been carved into shape and polished finishing with the help of a dozen separate machines. Targeted at a premium and high-end segment, these casings will have options of gold, platinum, gray stealth, and even black diamond carbon fiber for finishing and make. Created by a pre-order process, these casings are said to be within the price range of $3,000-4,500 each. Also, with the upcoming iPhone 5 doing the rounds, these casings have been designed to ensure that the new product fits perfectly into them, considering the approximate physical features known. Once the cases start selling, a part of the proceeds shall go towards the cause of purchasing 1 metric tonne of rice for the nations where food scarcity has now become a big problem. Majority of nations that have been targeted are located in the African continent but others will also be considered.

We have recently covered a series of luxury iPhone covers, which has several other options for design and colors. With a product like the iPhone in hand, it is always worth the penny to put in the extra buck to standout from the crowd.

PS. Brikk USA has also designed a luxury belt crafted in titanium and finished in gold and diamonds worth $20,000 called "Band" for the wealthy fashionistas. No other details are yet out, but you can check out the teaser of the this precious accessory below.

$20k diamond belt by Brikk USA

Via: Brikk/ Vimeo

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