Bring alive the bowling spirit in your gaming room with the Parker Bohn III pro-bowler console

Andrea Divirgilio / August 6, 2011

Parker Bohn III Bowling console

We had been covering gaming consoles like the Megatouch table top console which had touch screen features and also the $25,000 diamond and gold Nintendo game boy which was embezzled with yellow gold and diamond. However, bowling as a sport hasn’t been covered much except the Arcade console and the custom-installed bowling alley. Combining the 2 major concepts, and bringing back the 1950’s flavor is the 8-foot Parker Bohn III bowling console that brings alive the spirit of the alley, inside your home’s gaming room.

This console includes 10-inch tall bowling pins which can tumble just like the real ones with the help of the 3-inch steel and chrome bowling pucks, after travelling on the waxed Formica lane. Each pin can also rise up after being struck with the help of the magnetic electronic switching system placed below each one, which allows them to be back as they were formerly arranged. The scoring system included is the standard ABC scoring rules plus 6 other variations such as ‘shadow’ mode which dims the lights and raises the pins for a more competitive level of the sport.

Above the location of the pins, is a 27-inch LCD screen which displays your score card, suggests the best possible shots and angles along with commentary from bowling champion Parker Bohn III who could perhaps slip in a tip or two along the way. To bring alive the spirits of a real alley, there are two 30-Watt speakers and a single 100-Watt speaker that brings out the commentary, cheering sounds and all others which you could hear at a real alley. The benefit in this case is that all of this is being bought inside your gaming room and the comfort of your home, which cuts out your need to head to the alley every time your friends come over for a game.

To avail this console, you would have to shell $6000 for a single piece. But be sure to have enough space for this 8-foot long console, which weighs a slightly heavy 305 lbs. Rest assured, it will be your best companion on evenings with your buddies.

Via: Hammacher

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