Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo

$ 29 Thousand
Top Speed
155 (mph)

All car manufacturers dream of creating the ultimate sports car. Fiat had the same dream when they created the coupe 20v. Coupe is a French word that refers to a closed car; the coupe model of fiat is a two seated closed car with a fixed roof. The first coupe was launched in the year 1993; the company unveiled two versions of the coupe: turbo charged and aspirated version with 2.0 L 16V engine. The turbo charged coupe was produced in two versions: the 16v and 20v. Fiat coupe has always scored big in the looks department; the futuristic design of the car made it the talk of Brussels Motor Show of 1993, where it was first unveiled. Fiat incorporated the Viscodrive limited-slip differential to negate the counter steer that most front wheel drive cars are plagued with. The suspension system of the car is also an engineering feat that Fiat has achieved through lessons learnt from rally racing.


Earlier versions of the coupe, prior to 1998, had a four cylinder 2.0 L 16V engine. The power was increased with the release of the limited version of coupe 20v; the new coupe 20v LE has a five cylinder 2.0-litre 20V turbo engine under the hood. The Front-engine, front-wheel-drive layout is another unique feature of all the coupe versions: the engine of the vehicle rests at the front and is connected to the front axle rather than the back. The power output of coupe 20v LE’s engine is 263bhp; torque 256 lbs/ft @ 4950rpm; and the car can reach up to a top speed of 155mph. Under steering was a big concern for Fiat during the design process, they solved it by integrating Viscodrive. Additionally, it features independent suspensions at each wheel. Brembo brake calipers, push button starts, and six-speed gear box are some of the features present only in the coupe 20v limited edition.


The interior design of coupe 20v, before 1998, is a little different from the limited version released in 1998. Pininfarina designed the whole interior of the new coupe 20v. The interior features Recaro seats covered in red leather and extensive use of LED lights to do justice to its revolting exterior. It has all those things that a car of the 90s should have. There is a Zeitronix ZT-2 dash cloak in the limited edition, along with other basic instruments, on the dashboard. Also, there is a Macrom 7" LCD display on the front head rests. During production years, the car came with Lanzer car stereo and Blaupunkt speakers and sub woofer in the trunk. Customers also had the option to install Viper 360 alarm system for security.


The futuristic design of the car has attracted more eye balls than any other aspects of the vehicle. Designed by Chris Bangle, the angular design coupled with scalloped rocker panels has helped to build a unique image of the coupe. Its design was so impressive that it had followers of the likes of BMW in making angular design cars; it had foreshadowed much of the super car designs of the late 90s. The car has no back spoiler, but it’s quite broad on its rump. The doors of the car move upward than sideways. The front of the car looks flat with seemingly, fancy looking head lights integrated well with the hood, and there are two small lights that are on the two sides of the front engine vent. Limited edition of the coupe 20v, released in 1998, has a more rigid chassis, limited edition side skirts, Hella dual action LED tail lights, and some other practical features.