Bristol Fighter
Bristol Fighter | $ 300,000
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Bristol Fighter

Bristol Fighter

The Bristol Fighter is a front engine, two seats, two door, hard top coupe from the stables of Bristol Motors. The Fighter is a classic coupe and has been in flavor with the sports car fanatics ever since it was launched. The car has underwent many upgrades, both performance and design wise and the 2012 Fighter is the ultimate Fighter in the production line up.


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The interior of the Bristol Fighter is not posh as it is was mainly meant for performance. The seats are made of charcoal finish leather and the dash board is made of carbon fiber. The steering wheel is mounted high on the dash board and has carbon fiber finish. The steering wheel is at a comfortable height for the driver and together with the adjustable seats, make it easy for driving the vehicle. Short as well as tall people fit perfectly well inside the vehicle as it has ample space. The use of aluminum for the interior is also evident with its use for the brake and clutch pedals and the different knobs on the key board and the gear knob. This has been done to keep the weight in check.


The Bristol Fighter is built for performance and hence as a result luxury features have been compromised. Still the car features safety measures like ABS and air bags for the driver and the passenger. Luxury features include a Brembo suspension kit, Bose audio system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, parking sensors and a GPS tracker. Adjustable seat suspension and under seat air conditioning is also standard for the Fighter. The car also has an LED monitor in the middle and air conditioning and an advanced climate control system. All these factors together make the Fighter a true performance vehicle.


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The Bristol Fighter has an aerodynamic design, which is not like that of a conventional coupe. The car has streamlined lines leading to the rear of the vehicle and is built on a strong metal frame. To keep weight to a bare minimum, most of the parts are made of aluminum. Carbon fiber parts have also been used for the external shafts. The front engine placement of the engine helps the car maintain a low centre of gravity and hence helps in torque adjustment. The exterior designing of the car gives it a very posh look and this helps Bristol attract a lot of potential buyers.

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