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A home in one of the Britain’s most expensive streets is listed at $158 million

Andrea Divirgilio / February 1, 2012

London still remains the center for luxury lifestyle in the UK, at least when it comes to buying expensive real estate. Besides being the location for homes of people like Roman Abramovich, and noted supermodel, Kate Moss who splurged on a £850,000 private gymnasium for the North London abode, it has seen some high-end deals going through, like the Belgrave Square mansion for $150 million. Now another place in UK’s most expensive neighborhood, Kensington Palace Gardens is on offer for $158 million. Guess that’s the kind of price one could easily expect for one of Europe’s best neighborhoods.

Kensington Palace Gardens

Spreading over an area of 16,000 square feet, this property sits in the midst of some of the best known home owners’ properties in world, which would include the likes of billionaire Laxmi Mittal. Surprisingly not much is known about this particular property, other than the news that it is a neo-classical themed home, and sits on 6, Palace Green, a place also called the ‘Billionaire’s Row’. But unlike the case of Mr. Mittal, this property remains under the ownership of Tamzen Ltd, which is an enterprise with its roots in the British Virgin Islands. Looking at this particular habit, it could be an indication towards the fact that it is actually the disguised purchase of a private investor, who doesn’t wish to reveal him/herself, but then it’s something that’s speculative. Surprisingly not much is known about the mansion itself, other than the news that it is a neo-classical themed home, and is placed on 6, Palace Green, a place also called the ‘Billionaire’s Row’.

Kensington neighbourhood

Taking inputs from some of the home dealers in the area, it has been found that the city is now the hotspot for a large number of individuals, who are ultra-wealthy, and prefer to spend their time in different locations around the world. But the commonality in all of them is the taste of ambiance and neighborhood. When there is the Nepalese or Russian embassy right on your lane, there is bound to be an environment of security and high quality of maintenance around which has its own benefits, like restricted traffic and beautiful scenery.

Via: Bloomberg

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