Britain’s expensive vacation rentals for London Olympics 2012
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Britain’s expensive vacation rentals for London Olympics 2012

Britain’s expensive vacation rentals for London Olympics 2012

With the London 2012 Olympics coming up, the British capital is bracing itself to take a huge economic upswing, especially because of those who are letting out their places on short-term weekly contracts. For those who have invested in the premium priced properties of the city, the upcoming months will indeed be a feast as the opportunity to let-out properties on a weekly basis by charging ultra-premium prices is now open, courtesy the Olympics in the city. From the most prestigious One Hyde Park, to Chelsea, to Angel, and Westbourne Grove, the rentals will be sky rocketing in and around London especially, giving luxury vacationers complete treats for their money, as well as high return on investments for the owners of these homes.

One Hyde Park rental

When it comes to London of today, the mention of One Hyde Park has to be somewhere around in the vicinity simply because of the ultra-premium hotspot that it has managed to emerge as. A Middle Eastern businessman, who had managed to get himself a 4-bedroom penthouse in the exclusive building, will be renting out his ultra-modern property for $90,000 per week during the upcoming games season. With the growing trend of overseas billionaires thronging the place, the upswing in prices are bound to continue, considering that 89% of the total sales, constitute of citizens of other countries instead of the native Britishers. But then, this isn’t the only apartment in the building which is open for such a scheme. For $17,500 (£11,000) a night, there is another 4-bedroom penthouse which will have a butler, maid, and also a personal Aston Martin car. From bringing in the newspapers, to calling taxis, or even cleaning the apartment clean during guest stay, the guests will get a chance to witness the Olympics, and be treated like royalty albeit with the premium price.

Angel 8-bedroom rental

For those travelling in a large group, there is an apartment in Angel, which is available for $87,508 (£55,000) a week. With what might become the most expensive weekly rental apartment in the city, there is the opportunity of 8 special guests to enjoy the amenities of this apartment; also with standing the experience of seeing the Olympics 2012 live. Focused on a modern and minimalist design, it becomes an ideal weekly for a large variety of people who are willing to shed their cash for this place, giving them access to a private courtyard, the state of the art open kitchen, and a panoramic view of the London city.

Chelsea apartment near King's Road

When it comes to a slightly outward area of London, there lays a 7-bedroom Chelsea apartment that would cost its tenants $79,542 (£50,000) a week to hire for the Olympics. One of the main reasons for the price in its apt location near the river Thames, a famous tourist hotspot, and also King’s Road which connects the city very conveniently.

Westbourne Grove apartment

If the above options don’t do it for you, then there is a Westbourne Grove 6-bedroom place to choose from. With L-shaped drawing room, 75-foot private rear garden, and also a personal driveway, this place could also be ideal for a bunch of well paid executives or club members who would want to support their team at the Olympics. The décor is rather trendy and modernistic in feel, but the amenities will definitely give it a high. It goes out for $71,567 (£45,000) a week.

Via: Daily Mail

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