British Airways Valentines day idea is a dinner date on Concorde

Andrea Divirgilio / February 9, 2012

Though the brand name of Concorde may have died down a bit in modern times, British Airways is doing their bit to keep the name alive, by holding an auction of a luxurious Valentine’s Day dinner date in one of the aircrafts. British Airways, which we had earlier featured as a part of the world’s most luxurious airlines, has now teamed up with Concorde to offer an auction to a lucky pair of Valentines, who will be subjected to a red carpet experience along with a gourmet dinner exclusive to them, aboard the flagship GBOAC aircraft. However, the point to be noted is that, the plane wouldn’t be flying anywhere, but will host the dinner on ground.

British Airways dinner auction for Concorde

Unlike most luxurious offerings, this special dinner auction will have a charitable angle to it. After the final bed, all proceeds will be heading towards Flying Start, a charity built by the airways company along with Comic Relief. The bidding process is actually underway, beginning with a price tag £500, on email and the final winner will be announced on the 13th, after which the winning couple get to spend a romantic evening in the special aircraft. The evening will include an exclusive table for 2, a 3-course gourmet dinner with champagne pairing, all put together by a top chef. The settings have been kept as particularly royal and intimate for the couple, so that the environment is just about right to pop in the golden question, or simply profess one’s love. For a airline which is known for its British style luxury offerings, a sizeable winning bid can be expected for this dinner, with optimum quality of service.

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Via: British Airways/ Jaunted

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