Brown Safe with Orbita watch winder offers a perfect way to protect your timepieces

Andrea Divirgilio / July 27, 2011

The brown safe with Orbita watch winder perfect way to protect your timepiece

Owing a luxury watch is a style statement that depicts your opulence without showing off your riches. Expensive watches have more to do with appreciating craftsmanship and mechanics, and the appreciation will be incomplete if you do not maintain the ultimate craftsmanship. There are many watch winders to protect your automatic watches and Orbita is one such name in this field. We have earlier seen uncompromising quality and reliability of the company when in their older watch winders like Lifestyle Series watch winders, the Orbita Avanti 8 watch winder and Avanti 3. Once again Orbita is all set with its flawless winding technology and launched Orbita watch winders in brown safes.

Brown Safes are the world’s most secure safes which are combined with Orbita to craft brilliant watch winder. The watch winder is created by using Rotor-wind system that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy, hence is just right thing for storing your valued watches. These safes come in range of sizes and offer sturdy protection to your luxury timepieces. So, if you want to protect your timeless timepieces then you will have to spend somewhere around $6,000 – $10,000.

Via: Jameslist

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