Bruno Fattorini’s MDF Italia LCD plasma TV panel

Andrea Divirgilio / July 18, 2007

mdf italia
One of the best ways to show off your riches is to have a gigantic flat screen panel in your living room. Designed exclusively for use with LCDs and plasmas, the MDF Italia LCD plasma TV panel offers space for the TV mounting without the need for pricey wall interventions. It’s an upshot of Bruno Fattorini’s ingenious craftsmanship. A special universal fixing system helps the TV set to flush-mount directly in the panel. The panel comes with custom fittings and can easily house televisions of different sizes ranging from 37 inches to up to 50 inches and over. Modular shelves are also there to store your other entertainment paraphernalia and conceal the cumbersome cables. The MDF Italia LCD plasma TV panel that fulfills the demands for cutting edge furnishings is being offered in matt lacquering in white, anthracite grey, or red, natural anodized aluminum, and grey oak.

via Trendir

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