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Net Worth $ 65 Million
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Born on: 5th Nov 59 Born in: Canada Marital status: Single Occupation: Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, actor and photographer
Bryan Adams net worth is estimated at $65 million. Bryan Adams, the Canadian celebrity known all over the world with a fan following in millions is famous for his splendid musical endeavor. Apart from being a singer he is also a song-writer, bassist, an actor, producer and a successful photographer too. He started his musical career in the year 1977 and the epic journey continues till date. He is considered as one of the all time greatest singers. He was born as Guy Adams in Kingston, Ontario and his parents were British origin emigrants to Canada. Currently his net worth is estimated to be around $65 million. He is also one of the all time greatest selling singer. Till date he has the stupendous record of selling over 100 million albums and single titles which expanded Bryan Adams net worth. The singer has preferred to remain a bachelor till date. It’s been more than 30 years that this gifted singer songwriter is on the scene. He has many international accolades and recognition under his cap for his great contribution to the musical world. He has already received multiple Grammy awards, Juno, Emmy and Oscar too. In 2006 he was inducted into the prestigious Canadian Hall of Fame. These recognition became a plus factor to Bryan Adams net worth. ‘Summer of 69’, ‘Everything I Do’, ‘It’s Only Love’ etc. are some of his hit singles outrageously popular all over the globe among musical enthusiasts. Whenever he performs, no matter which corner of the world it is, the show becomes an instant hit among his fans. Some critics even consider him as the most successful in the rock genre of western music. He is a man of many talents, apart from being a successful singer; he is a very good song writer and an acclaimed photographer too. For his photographic excellence he was once awarded the Lead award. Bryan Adams net worth began when in he officially started his career in 1980, with a self titled album, ‘Bryan Adams’ with A&M Records and never looked back again. Since then, this rock singer has climbed to the top position of Billboard charts, so many times. By that time he already started touring and promoting his music throughout North America. Bryan Adams net worth of around $65 million, made him one of the richest singers around. He generated most of it through his long chain of back to back hit albums and his rocking musical concerts in various major cities of the world. Around 100 million of his albums are sold till date, in the global market, which is a feat achieved by only a selected few. Despite singing and song writing, he’s very passionate about photography. In his early twenties he started his musical career started to touring all over North America, spending more than 250 days on the roads. He is closely associated with various charity foundations, such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, NetAid, The Prince’s Trust etc. Moreover he is well known for his activities for the benefit of cancer patients. Somehow he has managed to use his passion for photography, for the welfare of breast cancer patients. These act added charisma to Bryan Adams net worth. Despite being a millionaire singer, he is known for maintaining a low profile life and a sober lifestyle. Conard and Jane, the parents of Bryan Adams actually immigrated to Canada from England. In his early life Adams had the opportunity to travel a lot around the world, as a result of his father's diplomatic assignments in various parts of the globe, including Middle East, United Kingdom, Lisbon, Portugal, and Vienna. In the year 1973, Adams returned back to Vancouver, British Columbia, along with his mother.
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Bryan Adams Estates and Homes (1)

Paris Apartment

Paris Apartment of Bryan Adams

Canadian singing legend Brian Adams met Tristan Auer, a French interior designer in 2003 and he wanted him to renovate his apartment in Paris. Brian wanted the house to reflect his personality and taste and hence had a series of renovation plans chalked out in mind.

Location: Located at Ile Saint-Louis in the heart of Paris, the house is an 18th century structure and the designing was very scary before Brian Adams decided to get it renovated.

Accommodation: Brian Adams is an ardent photography fan and needless to say the house has a photography studio. The living room is nicely decorated by Tristan Auer and has been done up keeping the singer’s recommendations in mind. There are big sofas, side lamps, huge wall compartments for storing books and guitar shelves as well. Adams is a book lover and his collection had to be housed safely and hence the wall cabinets have been designed to hold plenty of books. The house is huge and overall quite simple and sober, which matches the taste of the singer.

Features: The house has a master bed room for the host apart from a fully furnished and decorated guest bed room. There is a huge dining space and the furniture is made of elegant and intricate wood designs. The bathroom, just like the other parts of the house, is very simple and the overall color scheme of the house is white. Most of the furniture is straight lined and fancy designs have been happily avoided. The kitchen roof is made of glass and this helps the place remain in lit up throughout the day. The house is airy and the space is evident once you are inside. Stainless steel accessories have also been used to get an overall bright atmosphere. The house is a great place to relax and the singer planned the house, keeping everything in mind.

Bryan Adams Autos and Cars (1)

Piaggio Fly

Bryan Adams is an avid lover of scooters and when he’s not touring for musical concerts, he prefers to ride on his trusted Piaggio Fly and cruise around.

Bryan Adams is an avid lover of scooters and when he’s not touring for musical concerts, he prefers to ride on his trusted Piaggio Fly and cruise around. He likes his scooter due to its simplicity and easy maneuverability in crowded urban roads. His ride on the London roads with his Piaggio scooter made spicy headlines on the front-page of news papers. Back in 2002 once he was spotted with Gwyneth Paltrow riding in the back-seat of his scooter. The light and compact 125 CC scooter is equipped with a four stroke LEADER engine. The rigid steel tube frame and protective shield ensures a safe ride, while the front-disc brakes adds to the driving confidence and makes it suitable for urban roads. The 12 inch wheels are draped with tubeless tyres, to facilitate easy handling. The single shock absorber in the rear is attached with a spring pre-load, which makes it suitable for all the riding styles. The large footrest space is designed for comfort. The compartment under the seat is ergonomically designed to easily hold the helmet and glove of the rider.

Bryan Adams Cause (4)

Sunnybrook Foundation

Bryan Adams supports Sunnybrook Foundation

Sunnybrook Foundation is another organization with which the singer is involved. The prime function and objective of the foundation is to promote and raise funds for the world class health related research and development projects carried out by the Toronto based Sunnybrook Health Science Center.

Love Our Children USA

Bryan Adams supports the efforts of Love Our Children USA

Bryan is associated with ‘Love Our Children USA’, a charity organization aimed at protecting and honoring children. They work in the direction of preventing all kinds of violence and negligence that are found in USA. Through various kinds of awareness programs and campaigns they seek to create a healthy and hazard free social environment for the children, in which they can grow up-to their full potential.

Amnesty International

Bryan is an active an active member and activist of Amnesty International

Bryan is an active an active member and activist of Amnesty International (AI). AI is a worldwide movement for protecting human rights. Currently over 3 million members are associated with various campaigns and movements of the non-governmental organization, spread all across the globe. Amnesty International was established in 1961, in London, following the publication of an article in ‘The Observer’, titled ‘The Forgotten Prisoners’.

Bryan Adams Foundation

Bryan Adams is known for his active involvement in charity activities.

Bryan Adams is known for his active involvement in charity activities. Most of his philanthropic and welfare projects are channelized through ‘Bryan Adams Foundation’. The foundation was set up by the celebrated singer, in 2006. The prime of this charity foundation is to improve the quality of life of the needy and deprived people, all around the globe. The foundation offers financial aids to other individuals and organizations, involved in welfare activities. They seek to support the most disadvantageous and vulnerable strata of the society. One of the key agenda of the foundation is to spread educational opportunities worldwide, for the advancement of the needy and deprived section of the society. They believe that education is the most wonderful gift that can be given to a children and they works in that direction. Apart from this, they work for providing aid and support to the elderly people, people suffering from mental ailments and victims of war and natural disaster.

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