Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe is indeed a docking station with a difference
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Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe is indeed a docking station with a difference

Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe is indeed a docking station with a difference

Buben & Zorweg Titan watch safe

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When you buy luxury timepieces or jewelry, you got cheap Cialis Professional to keep them at a secure place. For most high-end spenders, safes are the most feasible option, and with a high demand for them, new technology and design have indeed crept in. Remember the XXL time mover safe? Well, now Buben & Zorweg have unveiled the Titan Watch safe which displays the company’s craftsmanship skills along with modern technology, to keep your priceless processions safe.

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The Titan watch is order Viagra Gold all about features and great looks combined. On the top of the safe, lie 2 secret compartments with humidifier technology, which can be used for storing jewelry or even your high-end precious cigars and other tobacco products. In between the compartments, lies the charging port and docking station for your MP3 player. Coming to the front, one notices the prominent handle which hides the secret code panel, which allows entry into the safe, having a total capacity for 36 watches in its 2 main compartments. The lighting system inside fades out or brightens up as per your usage, while showing plenty of the space inside, including the separate compartments for jewelry. In case there are authorized attacks on this safe, the integrated alarm system goes off which will alert you when such a situation arises. On verification, we found that these security features match up to the VDS IV standards in Europe, which is rarely found elsewhere in products of this genre. In terms of looks, this is a perfect decoration for your private spaces. The high gloss patterned finished adds elegance and style, other than being a very safe utility device by itself; so much so that one of these has already been placed in the LES Ambassadeurs in Geneva, for the guests that may stay in that room! Also, while ordering, if you would like any customizations, you are free to order for them to Buben & Zorweg.

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Via: Buben & Zorweg

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