Bugaboo’s Andy Warhol inspired baby strollers – Developing a fine taste for the high life
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Bugaboo’s Andy Warhol inspired baby strollers – Developing a fine taste for the high life

Bugaboo’s Andy Warhol inspired baby strollers – Developing a fine taste for the high life

For those who drive around in the most expensive cars, choosing the first ride for their pampered toddlers goes beyond strolling them around in a run of the mill stroller. The wealthy are equally known to indulge when it comes to their offspring. We have earlier told you about the most expensive baby items. One of the brands which have made a mark amongst this 'high-life' of wealthy parents, is Bugaboo, which makes bespoken strollers for rich toddlers. From the likes of Victoria Beckham for baby Harper, even Gwyneth Paltrow for baby Apple (now 8 years old), and Myleene Klass for baby Hero Harper Quinn are examples of how the buy Lithium online wealthy ensure that the kids are developing a taste for the finest things in life from an early age. The latest to join this bandwagon, is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton who is expecting her first child with Prince Williams this year. She has reportedly ordered a £1,200 ($1,867) Bugaboo stroller in blue, along with a white Wicker Moses basket. Now this designer brand, will be launching a series of special edition strollers, inspired by Andy Warhol's creative designs including the famous 'Cars' paintings in 1962 for strollers, and and the 'Flowers' paintings created in 1946.

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Bugaboo stroller inspired by Andy Warhol's works

Andy Warhol is best known for being one of the most influential figures in the world when it comes to modern art. According to some, Andy Warhol was also keenly interested in the inquisitive and creative minds of children, and generic abilify canada weblink zoloft buying church successfully to notice or pursue the search of increases. the sanctions of buy zoloft buy amoxil online dapoxetine in mexico dapoxetine on nhs cheap dapoxetine , can i drink alcohol with augmentin antibiotics, can amoxicillin treat shingles. information choice sold  hence carried it as a back drop in many of his vibrant pieces.

Bugaboo stroller inspired by works such as the inocnic Cars and Flowers paintings

After 25th years of his death, the Andy Warhol Foundation and Bugaboo, known for their premier range of baby products especially the strollers, will be joining hands for a yearly collaboration on such products. Beginning May 2013, the creative entities will be looking to hook on wealthy parents, who would be looking to show off their toddlers in special strollers which have taken inspiration from some iconic works, including the 'Cars' painting by Andy Warhol in 1962, and the 'Flowers' painting created in 1946. The 4-wheeled strollers will sport the 'Cars' inspiration on their body, whereas the 'Flowers' will be noticed on the umbrellas. The price range is estimated to buy Retin-A online be in the region of $70 to $110, but one might never know if special editions command something many more times than this series.

Kate Middleton has reportedly ordered a blue baby stroller from Bugaboo for her unborn child

estradiol pills online estradiol cream australia generic diovan ranbaxy estradiolo estradiol over 6000 estradiol no prescription needed buy estrace online sale  Designer prams aren't just about Bugaboo; other models like the Silver Cross, is a favorite amongst royal and traditional mothers, the iCandy model which finds customers amongst younger and more trendy parents, have been the alternative choice for the parents. But, Bugaboo scores with the A-listers including the Hollywood celebrities.

Other celebrity moms who have bought Bugaboo strollers include Gwyneth Paltrow and Myleene Klass

Even though the economic slowdown has affected all parts of purchase Disulfiram life in Britain, these prams with the price tags equivalent to a pre-owned family car have actually sold more than estimated. In past 2 years, the spending in the region has gone up by almost 13%, and the industry is worth £235 million ($365.89 million) in the United Kingdom alone. Jo Studholme, who runs Pushchair Trader, mentioned that these wealthy mothers are pram hungry for their babies, just like they would have been hungry for purses and dresses before they gave birth to their toddlers. Hence, when the wealth is there to be flaunted, it might as well be seen in baby prams and strollers.

Via: Bugaboo/ Daily Mail

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