Bugatti EB110
Bugatti EB110 | $ 450,000
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Bugatti EB110

Bugatti EB110

The Bugatti EB110 is a mid-engine sports car from the world no.1 sports car manufacturer Bugatti Automobile. In order to minimize the weight, the whole body is made of aluminium. Bugatti EB110 was launched in 15 September 1991 fitted with Quad-Turbo engine offering an amazing speed of 213mph (340km/h), and an acceleration of 62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.5 seconds only. Another version of this car is Bugatti EB110SS which was launched in 1992. The SS here stands for super sports, and it was a much lighter model than the previous version. It may cost you around $456000.


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It features a simple one color interior, which is however very much stylish and fashionable. The car has got only two seats side by side in gray color leather, which is adjusted through electronic means. The steering wheel is a three spoke one with the symbol “EB” in center. The glove box, dash board and the center console are draped in grey leather and stitched in white. This car also includes an automatic climate control system. The audio system from Nakamichi brand consists of a tape deck. This super car ensures a comfortable ride. Control positioning is fantastic for tough driving, the handling is well settled even on slow or sharp corners, and the turn-in is accurate and tangible. The interior is spacious, airy and luxurious.


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EB110 attributed a matchless styled body inclusive with the constituting U-shaped bar designed by Marcello Gandini. The car incorporates a strong framework built by an aircraft corporation. Both the versions (GT and SS) come equipped with the unique scissor type lifting doors. The front suspension plays the part of push-rod operated shock absorbers while the back part features two shock absorbers on either side. The foremost portion of the car is having thin cutting edge, giving this super car a wedge design. The car measures around 4080 inches long. Various colors and textures are available, out of which the yellow one is owned by formula one legend driver Michael Schumacher.

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