Bugatti to produce eight Veyron World Record Car special editions
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Bugatti to produce eight Veyron World Record Car special editions

Bugatti to produce eight Veyron World Record Car special editions

When the name Bugatti Veyron comes up, the word speed automatically comes as a recall to it's most endearing feature. The fastest car in the world seems to be very speed thrill seeker dream, and it is for this reason that the vehicle gets it's popularity. However, there are only a few who actually manage to get hold of one of these, as most are special editions with design tweaks on the original offering, with a heftier price tag than the normal. We previously saw the

To tell the world that this car is indeed unique, the chassis has been given a black shading, but there is the perfect contrast with the bright tangerine fillings in the frontier and the sidelines too, especially the alloy wheel frames. The black chassis has the usual generosity with carbon fiber in it's make, which does a good lot to reduce the weight of the car, and help its ever powerful engine to bring in the breath taking speeds it is known for.

Bugatti Grand Sport World Record edition with the individual numbering on the door sill plate

The interiors see a similar interplay of colors between tangerine and black. The leather seats have the headrest and outer frame done up in tangerine shade, where the centre part remains a rich and tense black. The stitching along the central control panel and the door opener remains a tangerine amongst the black surfacing generally. What would definitely be notable is the tangerine shaded stitching along the central console panel, which gives out the sportiest flavor possible. Also, when one opens the doors of this vehicle, there will be the special signing on the lower frame, which depict the edition of the Bugatti World Record version.

Bugatti Grand Sport World Record edition with special leather seating design

The engine needs no real re introduction, but the numbers are eye catching as usual. 1,183 HP quad turbo, 8.0-liter W16 is what is packed under the hood, being the main reason for reaching the world record barriers. The new turbo chargers and inter-coolers along with the 16b cylinders which have been tweaked in this edition of the Grand Sport model, gives a special thrust for the high speeds, thus breathing in extra life to it.

Bugatti Grand Sport World Record edition has been given an interplay of tangerine and black shades throughout

For those who are looking to collect special edition versions of this rare speed car, it will be a good idea to place your orders in early. The model has been restricted to just 8 pieces in all, hence will run out pretty soon. Each bear the autograph from the speed record breaking driver of the vehicle, with numbering on the door sill plate.

Via: Car Advice/ Bugatti/ Gizmag

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