Cabestan unveils the world’s first timepiece to use solar energy

Andrea Divirgilio / March 18, 2010

sol invictus

In the universe of fine watches, time moves slowly, but it was always waiting for solar energy to power its movement. This groundbreaking technology has found home in Sol Invictus, the world’s first commercial utilization of this groundbreaking technology. This refined timepiece has come from the house of Cabestan, which has previously brought us the Nostromo watch “grown in space.” The masterpiece has bought drums and vertical tourbillon from the WTV and combined them with a revolutionary new technique for producing and treating silicium crystals that can be used to produce highly efficient solar cells suitable for small surfaces and low luminosity. The combined craftsmanship of Jean-François Ruchonnet and Marc Alfieri succeeded in placing this impressive vertical Cabestan movement in the center of the timepiece, where they added two solar panels mounted in metal frames perfectly held in place at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Priced at $560,000, this amazing system is based on the designs of 19th-century scientist Léon Foucault.

Via: Hodinkee

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