Cadillac CTS-V

$ 59.95 Thousand
Top Speed
198 (mph)

The Cadillac CTS V the high performance version of the Cadillac CTS. The vehicle is powered by an OHV V8 custom tuned for optimum performance. The suspension has been factory tuned and the midsized mid engine vehicle is a performance oriented vehicle. Cadillac launched two models of the CTS V, the Coupe and the Wagon and the vehicles were launched back in 2010. The CTS V was launched to give stiff competition to the performance based luxury vehicles from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar etc. The vehicle is currently in production and is available as a Sedan, Wagon and Coupe. The CTS V is one of the most successful models from Cadillac.


The Cadillac CTS V is powered by a super charged V8 OHV producing 556 BHP and 551 ft lb of torque and the optional overhead valve – OHV – is an added incentive on this vehicle. The dual overhead cam shaft increase the overall performance while the all aluminum engine block with the alloyed connecting rods further do their best to reduce weight. The engine is mated to a TR 6060 Tremec, six speed manual or automatic transmission featuring dual mass fly wheel, twin disk clutch and a short throw shifter. An optional 6L90 automated transmission is available for the automated six speed transmission. The vehicle saved fuel with the help of the advanced shift shaft. The wider torque range of the CTS V is the primary reason behind the vehicle offering better performance while saving up on fuel. The CTS V is not a very eco friendly vehicle and can be used for daily use.


The interior of the CTS V like all other vehicles from Cadillac is very posh. The interior features a host of luxury and technological features with an overall complete feel. The seats are covered in leather with stitches for the finish. The gear shift pedal and the steering wheel is leather covered. The dashboard has a wooden feel to it and the overall interior is spacious with huge leg, head and boot space. The vehicle also features an advanced air condition system with climate control, GPS connectivity, and a 7 inch touch screen controlling most of the electronic parts of the vehicle, USB, Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity. The floor mats feature the special CTS V logo which enhances the overall feel of the Cadillac.


The first generation CTS V launched in 2010 was based on the GM Sigma Platform. The vehicle was not an aerodynamic masterpiece. However, the vehicle featured aluminum and carbon fiber parts to reduce overall weight. The vehicle had a few visual upgrades which were available as custom modifications from the factory itself. Some of which are the Brembo ceramic disk calipers for the front and rear rims etc. The vehicle also featured Goodyear Eagle rated sports rims and upgraded tires for better safety and road grip apart from lending the vehicle an aggressive look. GM added the special CTS V badge to the vehicle in 2011 and this further enhanced the visual aesthetics of the vehicle.