Cadillac Escalade SUV
Cadillac Escalade SUV | $ 63,170
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Cadillac Escalade SUV

Cadillac Escalade SUV

The Cadillac Escalade is one brute of a machine, which is stylish, big, bold and powerful. It is capable of pulling trailers close to 8500 pounds. The most popular configuration is a seven seater. It comes in three body types, which are ESV, EXT and Escalade. It's also spacious in terms of interiors and boasts some of the latest and best features to match the style and need of the modern era.


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Keeping in style with tradition, the Escalade boasts a luxurious and huge cabin. Genuine aluminum accents and chrome details make the interior very stylish, while the faux wood and leather seats add to the luxury and class of a Cadillac. Notably, the padded materials and unique door sills and floor mats are also available at a marginal upgrade.

The Escalade has bucket seats for the front and middle passengers, while uses a three passenger bench for the third. Like all SUVs, the high perch seating arrangement gives a terrific view. The driver’s seat has memory settings. Moreover the steering is also leather covered and can be heated during winter.

The white markings and blue pointers with LED backlight make the gauges easily readable. The display for other information on the dashboard is also bright and displays all information in cycles.

The Escalade is fitted with a 6-disc changer music system that plays both CD and audio DVD. The ten speakers inside are designed by ‘Bose’, and the music system comes with a 5.1 surround sound, an eight channel amplifier and subwoofer.

While the XM satellite radio is a standard fitting, and video screens foldable overhead is there for the second and third row.

Notably, the detachable third row seat can give some extra loading space.


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The trademark traditional egg crate grille of Cadillac draped in chrome dominates the front, giving the car its majestic and masculine look. Vertical LED headlamps on the flanks, and finely integrated bumper and front trim give it the more car-like look. Smooth contours without those side claddings make it look trim and powerful. Comfortable door handles, good rear view mirrors add to the look and the use of chrome in them gives a great feel, while the optional 22 inch chrome wheels can make the machine look really mean.

The rear is styled keeping in mind the old Cadillac charm. High mounted horizontal LED brake lights, and the enormous Chrome tin badge impressively sets it apart from the crowd. The standard class-II tow hitch is covered by a removable panel. Lift gate opens and closes by push-button.

Comfort & Safety

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NavTraffic allows avoiding traffic with real time alerts. OnStar systems can guide you turn by turn. The car is fitted with a whole range of security arrangements which is worth the price. Emergency brake force distribution, post collision safety system, engine immobilizer, ultrasonic parking assistant, rear view camera to keep track of your trailer as well.

Overall its a safe car to be in.

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