California Audio Technology’s MBX system costs $110,000 per channel

Andrea Divirgilio / October 11, 2011

CAT MBX speaker set

California Audio Technology (CAT) seems to have taken high-end audio speakers to another level altogether, with a price worthy of its title as the world’s most expensive in-wall speakers! Priced at $110,000 per channel, these set of speakers will have separate amplifiers for each woofer, which shall be controlled by a special connection rack that feeds into it. Looking at the size and price tag, it would be safe to conclude that it dwarfs the Wisdom Audio speakers, and also the Paradigm Studio Espirit Hybrid set.

The parts of the speaker, which produce the pick of the audio output, are the 3 custom made 22-inch aluminum cone woofers, which have been placed on their individual Avonite panel. The smaller editions are the couple of 8.5 inchers, and also the 12 inch subwoofers which lend a pulsating thrust to the bass output. Complementing them are the 5.5-inch midrange aluminum drivers and single 1-inch silk dome neodymium magnet tweeter, which end up refining the sound output.

What would actually the magnum opus status of this speaker set is the fact that the bigger woofers have close to 7 times the intensity of other normal woofers, which means that they can only be used in areas which are rather open and spread out in its dimensions, or the outcome could be negatively colossal.

We tried getting more info into this elite set, but we have told that it has no exotic metal or any other material as part of its design! That would translate into the engineering of these speakers, which has nothing but perfection to boast about. The demonstrations have just about begun, but surely one is forced to wonder the power that this acoustic wonder will generate, and even consume to do what it is meant to be doing!

Via: CAT/ Cepro

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