Callaway online personalization service offers golfers to Design their own driver

Andrea Divirgilio / April 12, 2012

Golf was always a game for those who are well-off, and now a huge degree of attention goes towards creating a niche aura around each player, so that a unique style statement is always on the forefront. We have seen previous adventurous with golf gear like the Mercedes golf collection and Williams Sports golden golf club, whose designs were targeted towards those who trips to the greens are about making a style statement more than anything. Now Callaway has decided to tap in the internet savvy golfers, by offering them a personalization service online via their website. Visitors get to choose from a plethora of colors and finishes for their gear, especially the RAZR Fit driver, which has been created by the likes of Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and Alvaro Quiros.

Callaway personalized RAZR Fit Driver club

Aptly titled ‘uDesign’ by Callaway, visitors to the site can now sit in their homes and offices, while selecting from a whole range of colors to fit on their own edition of the RAZR Fit driver golfing club. Along with that, options for selecting the kind of grip and also shafts models are present alongside selecting customizations for men and women players separately. So whether it’s the weight, length, flexibility, grip or simply the color, the users get real time feedback for 70,000 different options for the special golf club. After the right design has been chosen, one could even share the picture on social networking sites like Facebook or twitter, or simply email them to a select group of people they would like to share it with.

Callaway customised gear options

What this innovation has also bought about, is that professionals can now pitch in with their own customizations too. Apart from simply an elite group, this service can now be availed by a larger group of people via the web, and pick exactly what they want. For that, they would need $449 for each club. However, should travelling to the golf course, or shutting around the greens be a matter of style statements, then we also suggest taking a look the Milwaukee golf caddy, or a high tech version in the form of the Shadow caddy. This one even follows you around the place!

Via: Callaway Golf/ Techland

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