Calleija Partners with Aston Martin for Luxury Jewels Collection

Andrea Divirgilio / May 18, 2012

Calleija Partners with Aston Martin for Luxury Jewel Collection

Calleija Jewellers had earlier wowed us with the diamond encrusted champagne glasses valued at $400,000, and considered to be the most expensive champagne glasses in the world. And now, the celebrated jeweler from Gold Coast Australia, Calleija is back with limited edition jewels in collaboration with the British luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin. The “Calleija for Aston Martin Collection” features exquisite jewelry pieces inspired by Aston Martin’s Supercar, the One-77.

Calleija, recipients of the 2007 De Beers Diamond International Award, is known for his distinctive taste in diamonds. A majority of the pieces are inspired by European styles- a variety which may be attributed to Calleija’s global expeditions in search of the best gems and metals. The question is how, why and when did one of world’s most reputed names in automobile business decide to team up with an Australian boutique jeweler? Collaboration between cross-industry brands is a trend that’s catching up fast. Tapping into someone else’s customer base, especially when its fetching you profits does not seem like a bad idea at all. For Calleija, the whole thing began over dinner some years back. Aston Martin chief executive mentioned to the jeweler his desire to create art that is wearable. What followed next was a series of discussions which culminated in the grand partnership.

ASTAR, a gemstone with exceptional cuts, is believed to be one of the collection’s most attractive features

The perfect embodiment of innovativeness and designing excellence, each design in the Calleija range will have 77 versions only after One-77. The whole Calleija for Aston Martin Collection took six years in the making. ASTAR, a gemstone with exceptional cuts, is believed to be one of the collection’s most attractive features.

The Aston Martin’s Supercar One-77

The idea for ASTAR was conceived by John Calleija, the Calleija frontman. The idea metamorphosed into reality with the help of virtuoso gemstone cutters. Innovative and exclusive, the ASTAR has been fashioned around the legendary Aston Martin grille. The latter is reproduced brilliantly on the stone’s outline. The ASTAR, needless to point out, is one of the best creations from Calleija’s workshops till date.

The whole range was unveiled at a grand event held at the newest Aston Martin showroom in May fair London on 16th May 2012. Aside from mesmerizing pieces off the Calleija- Martin range, the event also showcased latest Aston Martin cars.

Calleija for Aston Martin Collection

Innovative as it may sound, yet Aston Martin’s is not the first example where a reputed automobile maker has ventured into the territory of gems and metals. We had earlier told you about Ferrari Damiani jewels. The range, designed around Ferrari’s world famous prancing horse logo, included everything from pendants to earrings. The Aston Martin-Calleija tie-up, is a toast to the world’s most expensive car, after the last of its 77unit was sold off this year since the car’s 2010 debut.

Via: Automotto/Calleija

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