The first Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ever to be offered at public auction

Andrea Divirgilio / November 10, 2012

American cartoonist and the author of the iconic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, William ‘Bill’ Boyd Watterson II, who was renowned for his views on comic syndication and licensing, as well for his reclusive nature, surprisingly stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes at the end of 1995 stating that he had achieved all he could in the medium. Bill Watterson, whose beloved characters Calvin and Hobbes, actually went on to become a part of the popular pop-culture, was also very well known for the fact that he never licensed his work for reproduction and rarely gave up any artwork, despite many generous offers to part with the strip. And, this fact eventually makes his rare and original pieces much coveted and sought after among the comic art lovers. Now, for the very first time in this century, one of Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes hand-colored Sunday comic strip original art dated 10-19-1986 is being offered at public auction, where it’s expected to fetch huge prices.

One of the most iconic comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes

Scheduled to auctioned as part of the Heritage Auctions’ upcoming November 15-17th Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, the entire original strip actually comes from cartoonist Brian Basset, who was given the strip measuring 13×9 by the artist himself, some 26 years ago.

For Brian, parting with the Watterson’s gift is extremely difficult, but being in a financial bind, he’s got no other choice.

Calvin and Hobbes

Considering the fact that a late-80s watercolor original (pictured above) by Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson got sold for $107,550 at an auction earlier this year, the Calvin and Hobbes hand-colored Sunday comic strip original art which has a current bid of $65,000, will also fetch handsome price.

Besides, we have recently seen that the Tintin Shooting Star artwork sold for $288,300 at the Sotheby’s comic strip sale in Paris, and the Amazing Spider-Man #328 Cover Art by Todd McFarlane sells for a record $657,250.

Via: HeritageAuctions

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