Calvin Klein $5,000 Katniss Dress for The Hunger Games fans
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Calvin Klein $5,000 Katniss Dress for The Hunger Games fans

Calvin Klein $5,000 Katniss Dress for The Hunger Games fans

Movie buffs knows this and so does the collectors, that whenever there has been a legendary sci-fi movie, it has left a mark on the generations to come. Movie memorabilia has always been a popular category for not just the fans but the collectors as well. From Superman costume to Darth Vader costume, sci-fi memorabilia has never failed to get the cash register rolling at auctions down memorabilia lane. The latest legendary science fiction flick to spawn the movie memorabilia world is The Hunger Games. While the superhero costumes are reserved for Halloween mostly, Katniss Everdeen dress is slated to be in tune with the latest fashion trends, designed by Calvin Klein’s house. The Calvin Klein creative director, who has also designed Jennifer Lawrence’s plunging green shift for the film’s New York premiere, just released a Dress after ‘Katniss’ in Calvin Klein’s SS12 show. The apricot silk-crepe dress is on sale at net-a-porter for $5,000.

Calvin Klein's Katniss Dress

Katniss Everdeen Dress

Though the dress does not adorns the shades of deep pink and red to reflect the flames at the bottom, those who plan to buy one can streamline the look with a few gold accents and ankle-strap sandals.

Katniss Barbie

Katniss’s character has even inspired Mattel’s Katniss Everdeen Barbie. The iconic Katniss Barbie doll comes complete with a miniature bow and arrow, forest-tromping boots, "The Mockingjay" pin and a braid down her back. Designer, Bill Greening has actually replicated the on-screen look of Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games with attention to detail.

Though the most expensive Hunger Games Memorabilia remains The Henry River mill Village near Hildebran, which served as the home of protagonist Katniss Everdeens’ in the movie, and has went up for sale at $1.4 million.

Via: Net-a-Porter/ MSNBC

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