Can’t leave the bar? Carry it with you!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 18, 2008

evolution mobile bar ClWYz 17340

Any self-respecting owner of a penthouse would have a bar of his own. The bar may be well stocked with aged scotch and sinful cognac. However, if you ever wish to show off your liquor assemblage to your host, you can’t possibly carry your bar to the party. Moreover, seeing is believing. If the Justin Case Portable Bar or the Blast Bar have already come to your notice, the Evolution Mobile Bar is another cool product which lets you carry around your favorite liquor bottles safely anywhere you want, be it a party or even a picnic by the lakeside.

Go ahead and fill the mobile bar with 10 liquor bottles and 6 jugs, and you will still have a speed rail, garnish counter, stemware racks and, of course, the ice, stirrers and napkins. In fact, if you could also carry a source of fire, you could impress everyone with your bar tending skills with some showmanship thrown in. The Evolution Mobile Bar is made of aluminum and has a silver stainless steel finish and can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes. Every liquor connoisseur’s delight, the Evolution mobile bar costs $1,889.

Via: UnCrate

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