Carbon Fiber Cello from Luis and Clark

Andrea Divirgilio / January 21, 2009

luis and clark carbon fiber cello TLU6y 52

Last time we brought you a full carbon fiber Ducatti 999S, this time we are pleased to unveil the incredible “Carbon Fiber Cello” from the house of Luis and Clark. The famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma played this high-tech carbon fiber cello designed to withstand the cold while taking the stage at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony. Covered with a lustrous black layer of carbon fiber, the magical music instrument plays well in extreme weather conditions without losing the sound that elite cello players demand. The futuristic material keeps the instrument unaffected from detrimental factors like cold temperatures and humidity. Unlike a wooden cello, the carbon fiber cello has a single-piece body, neck and peg box with no sharp edge, making it more comfortable to play. You can also hit the strings of the carbon fiber cello for $7,139.

Via: LikeCool/DidntYouHear

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