Carbon Fiber chair by Timothy Schreiber is about minimalism
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Carbon Fiber chair by Timothy Schreiber is about minimalism

Carbon Fiber chair by Timothy Schreiber is about minimalism

Timothy Schreiber 'Ploop' chair

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Going slim seems to the new age styling mantra, and definitely is catching up everywhere. From food to clothing styles, and now furniture is where this theme as finally caught up big time. Timothy Schreiber has been the latest member of this bandwagon, as he brings in Order Retin-A his famous design, ‘The Ploop Chair’, which will be officially unveiled at the 100% Design London Event later this year. Minimalistic yet modern seems to be theme of this light weight furniture.

The Ploop stands as a prominent design simply because of the finishing and frame design and the unique manufacturing process it has used. Mixing the traditional plywood manufacturing techniques and modern carbon fiber finishing, the result has been something which is lightweight, stylish and certainly goes high on quality. The basic frame was first created out of plywood, and then a carbon fiber detailing was done to give it the necessary strength, and the sheen which is certainly apparent in its appearance. This detailing was done by UK’s Fi-Tech Ltd, who has made a name for themselves for working on the particular fabric, especially on high-end automobiles. When we first Order Retin-A read about the technique that was used to create this chair, we had an initial impression like others, that it might be something thicker and heavier in appearance, but were pleasantly surprised when we saw the ultra slimness of the chair at just 5mm, and the weight being just 2.5 kgs! But such a design hasn’t compromised on the overall quality of the product, which stands out as a major plus point.

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For those looking at abstract and buy Lithium online new concepts in furniture making, you could take a look at our coverage of CTRLZAK Zen furniture collection, based on Japanese Zen practices. When compared to the Ploop chair, it stands as a sharp contrast almost but definitely will give you insights into what might be setting your room décor apart.

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